The Life Erotic – Wetty Tiny Emo

Wetty Tiny Emo – Swallowing Miles 2
Added: July 14, 2017

Wetty Tiny Emo – a cute alternative babe, with short, mermaid-blue hair and colorful tattoos – is lying on a couch. She’s dressed in a black babydoll nightgown with white-lace trim, matching stockings, tiny black-lace panties and striped, spike-heeled pumps. She’s writhing on the couch, caressing her slim body, small breasts and crotch, stroking herself through her panties, then sliding her hand inside of them. She pulls them aside to reveal shaved pussy lips and a trimmed mound, then teases her clit with a spit-wet finger. Next, she kneels up on the couch, flaunting and splaying her peachy butt cheeks and taking down her underwear to expose her tight asshole and wet pussy, then reaching back to stroke them. After removing her nightgown – while flashing sassy looks at the camera – she sprawls back on the couch again, takes off her panties, and gives her snatch even more attention. We see that, on the floor next to the couch, there is a huge dildo – brightly colored but realistically shaped, with a sucker base and clit stimulator. Wetty caresses, licks and sucks on it, lubing it with saliva, then rubs and spanks the head against her slit, moaning all the while. Soon, she’s wet enough to take half its length, and works it in and out of her snatch, pausing only to taste her juices from the tip and display her stretched pussy-hole in the process. She pumps and grinds the toy, humping her hips and butt clear of the couch to screw herself even deeper. Her moans become louder, higher and more frenzied as she nears orgasm and her intense pleasure shows on her face as she bites her lip, holding back from cumming until she finally loses control. As she prolongs the pleasure with her fingers, she sucks her creamy juices from the toy.