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Vanessa Decker – Good Vibrations 2
Added: September 26, 2017

Hot Czech brunette Vanessa Decker is working up a sweat on her cardio machine. She’s wearing hotpants and a crop top that show off her body – tan, with an althetic yet curvy shape. She steps off the machine and grabs a vibrating dumbbell. The vibrations are meant to help tone her muscles but, as she curls the weight towards her pert breasts, she starts to feel horny…
She pulls down her top to expose her tits and touches the buzzing dumbbell to one nipple as she fingers the other. Next, she moves the weight down over her belly, pressing it to her crotch through her tight hotpants. She eases these down and holds the weight between her thighs, moving against it as the vibrations course through her naked, trimmed pussy. Sweat trickles down her firm ass cheeks and she moans with pleasure before sitting on a yoga mat, legs splayed, with the weight tight up against her snatch. She grinds up against it, then sets it aside to use her hand instead. She parts her pussy lips, rubbing her clit, then slides a finger inside, knuckle-deep. Finally, she squats over the dumbbell, body trembling as she rides it hard, moaning and bucking her way to an intense climax. As her orgasm fades, the camera lingers on her beautiful body. She towels away her sweat, then switches the vibrating weight on again, ready for round two…