The Life Erotic - Rebeka Ruby

Rebeka Ruby – Something New 2
Added: October 10, 2017

This intensely erotic movie stars petite and pretty brunette Rebeka Ruby. We find her working in her office, smoky-eyed behind a pair of glasses, her lips painted scarlet. As she handwrites a document, she switches her pen for a pencil and, feeling horny, she licks the eraser. She grabs a handful of pencils, bunches them up and sucks on them like she’s going down on a cock. After setting her work aside, she splays her legs, resting one on her desk, and plays the eraser-tip of one pencil inside of her panties. She yanks the crotch aside, tracing the rubber nub along her shaved slit, circling it around her clit – then she dips it in her pussy, moaning with pleasure…
Naturally, one slender wooden shaft is not enough to satisfy and she teases herself with a second pencil, scissoring them apart with her fingers to splay herself open as she works them in and out. Next, she stands, hiking up her micro-minidress to reveal her black-lace stocking tops. After removing her panties, she raises one spike heel-clad foot up on the desk and works the pencils against her creaming, engorged pussy lips and then inside of her snatch. However, after just a short while, she uses her fingers on her pussy and slides the juice-wet pencils in her asshole, stirring them around. Climbing on all fours on the desk, she pumps one pencil in and out of her butt, leaving it poking out as she grabs another. This is also pushed inside, and she moans out loud. Horny and impatient, she grabs a bunch of pencils and slips them in too, until she has at least 10 stretching her asshole wide open. She grinds them around, then uses them to plug her butt as her fingers plow her pussy. As she lies on the desk and turns her attention back to the pencils in her asshole, she cums, moaning out loud. Slowly, she removes them, then grabs another handful and sucks on them dreamily as she comes back down to earth…