The Life Erotic - Melena A

Melena A – Being Followed 2
Added: November 10, 2017

Smoldering-hot brown-eyed brunette Melena A stars in this new fantasy from leading director Charles Lakante. As she walks on a track beside a lake, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, we join her and follow her to a cabin. She enters an empty, unfurnished room with wooden walls and a tile floor. Feeling horny, she squats down in her high, spike-heeled nude shoes, back against the wall, and begins to caress herself through her clothes. She removes her black bra to expose perfect, pert breasts…
Then she unpops the crotch of the teddy-outfit she’s wearing, so she can rub herself through her flesh-colored pantyhose. She tears holes in these and strips off the teddy. She drools on the pantyhose, rubbing herself as her spit soaks through the thin fabric, then tears the crotch out of them completely, to lay her shaved pussy bare. She tastes her juices off of her fingers, salivating even more. With her eyes shut and a look of pure ecstasy on her face, she moans as she pumps two fingers in and out her snatch. She lounges back on the tile floor and, splaying her impossibly long legs, masturbates slow and deep. She rubs her spit-lubed clit and frigs her hole. Getting on one knee, she tears the back of her hose, exposing her ass crack, and reaches back to continue her self-pleasure. Silhouetted against the natural light, she arches her back, displaying her incredible body to full effect. Her moans and whimpers become louder until, finally – as she squats, knees wide apart and body shaking – she cums hard. She sits on the floor, kicks off a shoe and, virtually delirious from her orgasm, writhes against the wood and tile. Just before we leave, we get a delicious parting shot of her juicy ass and crotch peeking out from the tattered remains of her pantyhose…