The Life Erotic – Maria Z

Maria Z – Leaving An Impression 2
Added: May 23, 2017

Maria, a cute babe with long, black hair, glasses and red lipstick, makes her entrance in a dark room, playing with ropes suspended from the ceiling. She’s wearing a black pleated skirt, black lace-top stockings and kinky black tape crosses over her nipples. She trails a black riding crop with a heart-shaped keeper over her medium-sized breasts, stroking and spanking them, and sucking suggestively on the handle of her crop. She hikes up the front of her skirt to expose her shaved, very juiced-up pussy, then plays the shaft along her slit. Next, she uses the knob at the end on her clit, sawing and circling it against the swollen nub before sliding it inside of her snatch. She pumps it in and out, then switches to fingering herself so she can spank her ass and legs with the crop. She doesn’t hold back, striking herself hard enough to leave hot-pink heart shapes on her firm cheeks and inner thighs. As her excitement builds she sits down, legs splayed, and uses her hand and the crop handle to tease her swollen pussy to orgasm. Then she relaxes, enjoying the lingering sting and glow on her skin and inside of her as the picture fades…