The Life Erotic – Kira Zen

Kira Zen – Woman
Added: February 18, 2017

Kira Zen makes a welcome return in Woman – and the sizzling-hot action begins immediately, as we join her on her couch. A gorgeous brunette, she’s fully dressed in a neat dark pantsuit and tight white tank, but her hands are already exploring her incredible slender body, and a huge, pink dildo lies on the cushion next to her. The initial source of her pleasure is a movie she’s watching on her cellphone – and we get a glimpse of two women kissing on screen. She undresses slowly, revealing boy-briefs, then peels off her top to expose and massage her small, perfect breasts. Her hands slip into her panties, then she grabs the dildo and begins to suck on it. The toy is double-ended and flexible, and bent at a sharp angle – so, when Kira slides one bulbous end inside of her briefs, stirring it in her trimmed pussy, it looks like a stiff cock jutting out, complete with balls bulging against the fabric. As she works it inside of herself, she licks her fingers, spit-lubing them, and slides them up and down the shaft like she’s jerking off – which moves the other end of the toy deep inside of her. When she takes off her panties, the illusion is over, but now we get to see the dildo in her wet snatch, as she squirms and humps on the couch. She pauses to suck on it then shifts position and reaches around to plow herself from behind, her cries of pleasure becoming increasingly loud until she finally cums. Then we linger with her as she relishes the afterglow, slowly licking and sucking on her juice-soaked toy.