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Tag: Whitney Wright

Street BlowJobs - Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright – Suck It Up
Added: February 06, 2018

I was out for a walk when I saw Whitney Wright standing on the side of the street, looking at her car engine. When I approached her, she told me her car broke down and she had no idea what was wrong with it! She didn’t know what to do, so I offered to help her out by calling a tow truck, but she was too broke to be able to pay me back! However, she was very open to bargaining and offered to find a different way to pay me back. She eventually agreed to come over to my place where she gave me one hell of a lapdance! Then, she peeled off her tight dress, revealing her smoking hot body! The cock-hungry slut then knelt in front of me and unzipped my pants, revealing my big hard cock, which she immediately started sucking! After demonstrating her stellar blowjob skills, she let pound her tight wet pussy!
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Babes - Naomi Woods And Whitney Wright

Naomi Woods And Whitney Wright – Catching Feelings
Added: February 06, 2018

Looking out at the stunning vista of the city laid out below them, Naomi and Whitney realize that they’re falling for each other, hard. Stealing kisses and gazing deep into each other’s eyes, the beautiful lesbians start feeling the stirrings of passion like never before. Their kissing begins as a giggly flirtatious dance, but soon turns into much more as their erotic fire builds. Slipping out of their clothes, Whitney and Naomi caress each other’s sun-kissed skin, and Whitney lays her girlfriend down so she can lick her pussy until she cums. Naomi returns the favor, making Whitney moan with pleasure at every slow, lingering touch of her tongue. Soon, the lovers are taking their ecstasy to even greater heights with a passionate scissoring session that proves this is the start of something big!
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Jules Jordan - Whitney Wright

Jules Jordan – Whitney Wright
Added: February 05, 2018

Whitney Wright
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Mom Knows Best - Chanel Preston And Whitney Wright

Chanel Preston And Whitney Wright – Shopaholic
Added: February 03, 2018

Chanel Preston , Whitney Wright
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Big Butts Like It Big - Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright – Does This Make My Booty Look Big
Added: January 31, 2018

Whitney likes to shop almost as much as she likes bossing around the store clerk Jake. She has a little fun teasing him and showing off her butt as she changes. Whitney gets so hot and bothered trying on all the clothes, she enlists Jake’s help to blow off a little steam. Whitney can’t wait to put Jake’s hard cock up her tight butt!
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New Sensations - Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright – Slide The Needle Into Whitney’s Groove
Added: August 19, 2017

Cute little thing Whitney grew up in the digital age and wanted to sell her parents record player. When her buyer Pete showed up she all of a sudden got very horny and wet. She struggled getting past the small talk and suggested for Pete to slide his needle into her groove and she got the hot wax she needed.
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Throated - Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright – Have A Cigar
Added: August 18, 2017

Hot young brunette Whitney Wright tried the Throated experience and she’s a natural born sucker! She knows exactly how to take a throbbing cock in her mouth and deep down her throat. She works her man with vigor and gets rewarded with a massive load to her pretty face!
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ATK Girlfriends - Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright – Whitney got a big load of cum in her hand
Added: August 05, 2017

Whitney looks hot in that skirt and flip flops. You can tell she really wants to please you. After you tease her pussy Whitney sucks your cock. Her sweet feet stroke you, and after you cum a huge load in her hand, Whitney rubs it all over her feet.
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Teen Creeper - Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright – E20
Added: August 05, 2017

Collared Cleaner Cute teen Whitney Wright is looking super hot and working up a sweat cleaning her house when suddenly she gets a lewd call from Creeper. She tries to ignore him, bbut after he keeps pestering her she dares him to come and fuck her. The sexy brunette thinks she’s safe after grabbing a knife. Creeper easily subdues her and binds her wrists. A whirlwind of brutal rough sex and sexual domination and humiliation quickly ensues. Creeper coats this moaning maid with a big messy massive facial
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Helpless Teens - Whitney Wright

Helpless Teens – Whitney Wright
Added: July 31, 2017

Party Girl Punished Teen party-girl Whitney Wright finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere and hazy on the events of last night. Help arrives in the form of Bruno and his creepy white van. A little later, when Bruno asks her to pay for the ride with her smoking hot young body, she claims she’s “not that kind of girl”. Good girls don’t dress like sluts. Bitch! With some coaxing Bruno gets this horny slut to agree to his terms and has her tied up and gagging on his thick cock in no time. This doe-eyed teen gets her pierced pussy brutally fucked hard and deep in several positions until her new master blasts her with a big cum-shot.
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Cute Little Things # 4

Added: July 20, 2017

Cast: Nina North, Alaina Dawson, Whitney Wright, Katya Rodriguez, Bella Rose, Sierra Nicole
Young, horny and everything but innocent! Nina North, Katya Rodriguez, Sierra Nicole and Whitney Wright are dripping wet and ready to stuff their darling little pussies full of cock! So join them for the naughtiest sexual encounters because these cute little things can’t wait to drop their panties!
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Lubed – Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright – Lubed Reflections
Added: July 19, 2017

Whitney Wright
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Baeb – Chloe Scott & Whitney Wright

Chloe Scott & Whitney Wright – 4th Of July Beach Babes
Added: July 03, 2017

Chloe Scott & Whitney Wright
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Passion HD – Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright – My First Anal … With My Step-Brother
Added: June 27, 2017

Whitney Wright
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Fantasy Massage – Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright – Secret Society Initiation
Added: June 15, 2017

Initiate Ryan Ryder wants to join a secret society but first must submit to a record of faith like every member of the quorum. As the cloaked quorum leader explains, the knowledge Ryan will acquire from the society must be protected by a seal of honor, ensuring the society has nothing to fear from the initiate. Ryan can refuse but he will be banned from the society and its secrets. Should he wish to proceed, he must have sex with the bound and naked woman Whitney Wright. The sex act will be witnessed and recorded. Ryan begs for another option, he’s married and does not want to betray his wife. The quorum leader laughs at his request. That’s why this specific task was chosen. Ryan concedes to the initiation and begins by anointing Whitney with the oil. The masked woman kneels with her ass in the air, writhing on the ottoman from the cool lubricant pouring onto her back. The quorum leader rings a bell signaling it’s time to begin. Ryan unzips his pants and penetrates her pussy from behind. The quorum members ritually move the ottoman into the pentagram marked on the floor. Whitney begs for more of Ryan’s cock. Ryan plunges into her pussy, but this time he’s taken off his clothes. When they grant him permission to untie her, she sits up to suck his dick. Then she climbs onto his lap and rides his dick till she cums. He fucks her sideways, very deeply, as she bucks against each thrust and plays with her pierced clit. He stands up to penetrate her to the core, till he spills his cum all over her face as corroborating evidence.
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