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Dog House Digital – Victoria Pure

Victoria Pure – Victorias First Anal
Added: May 19, 2018

Sweet little Victoria Pure is now ready for her cute little booty to take a hardcore pounding. She’s waited and saved the best hole for last, now there is nothing more that she wants than a hard dick to fuck her in the booty for the first time!
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Nubile Films - Victoria Pure

Victoria Pure – Set The Mood
Added: January 29, 2018

A night of passion begins with a certain mood, as Victoria Pure and Larry Steel are well aware. They both dress the part, with Victoria sporting an evening dress and Larry wearing a nice button-down shirt. As Larry passes Victoria a glass of wine, Victoria is quick to let him know that she wants something a little more carnal.

Dropping to her knees, Victoria is quick to reach for Larry’s stiffie. When he unbuttons his pans so she can reach her prize, Victoria wraps her hand around the root to stroke. She leans forward, opening her mouth to place widemouthed kisses along Larry’s shaft. Then she dives in to enjoy a long and sultry blowjob with plenty of stroking and sucking.

Guiding Victoria to the couch, Larry helps her onto her knees so he cans slide her dress down her tan, lean body. Her thong follows the fabric down to puddle at her feet, leaving Victoria in just her high heels. With no additional impediments between him and his prize, Larry is free to put his fingers and mouth to work teasing Victoria’s twat and ass with soft kisses and strokes that spread her juices everywhere.

Rising to his feet, Larry gives Victoria’s bottom one more pat and then guides his hardon deep into her lush sheath. Victoria’s gasp of delight is pure permission for Larry to take her as hard as his hips can move. Wriggling her bottom, Victoria hangs on for the ultimate orgasmic payoff of her hardcore ride.

Taking over Victoria’s spot on the chair, Larry sits down while his lover seats herself on top of him. As soon as she’s fully impaled, she makes a few experimental thrusts with her hips. Then she perches her high heels on the chair for better leverage so she can go for a breakneck stiffie ride as Larry holds her steady.

As Victoria comes down from the high of her climax, she sinks into the embrace of the chair with one leg held high in the air to let her lover keep up his pussy pounding. Larry takes it down a notch as he brings Victoria to another peak. Then he speeds up as he reaches his own finish line. When he can no longer hold back, he explodes inside Victoria’s greedy fuck hole to fill her with a creampie of love.
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Nubile Films - Victoria Pure

Victoria Pure – Cum Deep
Added: October 10, 2017

Standing in front of the mirror in just her bra and panties, Victoria Pure admires her tight body. Her hands caress her tits even as her eyes do the same once she has relieved herself of her bra. She’s about to slip her hands further down when Nick Ross joins her. Happily going along with the change in plans, Victoria beckons Nick to join her. When he has wrapped his arms around her from behind, Victoria guides his big hand down to cup her hot pussy beneath her underwear…
Turning around in Nick’s arms, Victoria slowly guides him to the bed. Then she pulls his briefs off so that his hard cock springs free. Leaning forward, she grasps the base of Nick’s dick with her hand so that she can stroke it while sucking the tip. Alternating between that gentle suction and lapping her tongue along her boyfriend’s shaft, Victoria works Nick up to a fever pitch. When Nick turns Victoria around and relieves her of her panties in between kisses to her back, she arches her back in delight. Then he settles himself on the bed so that she can keep sucking him of while he pulls her bottom down to her face. Their 69 is sweet and sensual, and everything Victoria has wanted. Rolling onto her back, Victoria lifts one leg high in the air so that Nick can take a few more swipes at her creamy slit with his tongue. Then he rises up and enters Victoria’s tight twat. His hardon fills her to the brim as he gives her the long deep penetration that she craves. Turning her hips so that he changes the angle of penetration, he fucks her slowly so that he’s hitting a new set of tender spots deep inside. Getting on her hands and knees, Victoria offers herself to Nick for another round of delight. He goes back to work with his mouth, lapping not only at her bald puss but also at her anus. Hearing Victoria’s gasps of pleasure, Nick takes it upon himself to glide back into her slippery hole. His hands anchored on her hips, Nick pounds away at Victoria’s twat so hard that her titties shake. When Nick flips onto his back, Victoria is quick to straddle him so that she can sink down onto his erection. She wastes no time in going for a full tilt stiffie ride that leaves her bald pussy pulsing with ecstasy. Moments later, Nick lets Victoria milk the climax from him as well. He doesn’t pull out before he cums, instead glutting his girlfriend with a creampie that she dips her fingers into and licks clean.
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Fitness Rooms - Valentina Bianco & Victoria Pure

Valentina Bianco & Victoria Pure – Gym lesbian’s crazy big cock fuck
Added: September 11, 2017

Sexy lesbians Valentina Bianco and Victoria Pure are ready to get their pump on, but Victoria can only think about how much she wants to get her hump on! Lutro is working the front desk of the fitness center, and the pervert is jerking off when they walk in. Lutro already knows Victoria and lets her right past, but Valentina has to sign in…
While the beautiful Italian is filling out forms, Victoria is behind her, showing Lutro what she wants him to do to her tits, then bouncing Valentina’s ass up and down for good measure! Valentina might want to work on her curls in the fitness room, but one look at the security camera is enough for an exhibitionist like Victoria to get turned on. Watching the screen, Lutro can’t help but rush upstairs to get his cock sucked, his asshole licked, and to fuck two tight pussies!
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Euro Sex Parties - Olivia Nice & Victoria Pure

Olivia Nice & Victoria Pure – Pool Party
Added: September 04, 2017

There’s nothing better than ending the summer with a great pool party with friends. And what better way to celebrate the last of the summer days then with the beautiful bikini babes that are Victoria Pure and Olivia Nice! These fit foxy ladies are always down to fuck and don’t need to splash around the pool to get soaking wet! With a cock craving cutie like Victoria and a busty bodacious beauty like Olivia just waiting to get out of their swimming clothes, these two big cocks are in for a treat because these whores are ready to get their pussies pounded poolside!…
Olivia and Victoria compete with one another over who can give the better blowjob and these cock sucking sluts put on a great show! Victoria and Olivia then put their tits and ass to work as they get all their holes filled for one final thrill of the hottest summer of their sex lives! There’s nothing like fucking in the sun and having some fun, are we right ladies?
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3 Way Her Way

Added: August 14, 2017

Cast: Victoria Pure, Crystal Greenvelle, Kira Thorn, Selvaggia, Stacy Sweetstorm, Mai Thai, Kira, Gabriella Lati, Jessica Spielberg, Anna Ray
Every man dreams of convincing his girlfriend to have a threesome… but what if she was the one asking for it? Tables are turned, taboos are broken, an d sexual nirvana is achieved in this highly erotic, wickedly hardcore release!
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Massage Rooms - Amy Red & Victoria Pure

Amy Red & Victoria Pure – Blonde lesbian’s orgasmic massage
Added: August 11, 2017

Victoria Pure finds herself on Amy Red’s massage table complaining of back pain brought about by work and stress. Lucky for Victoria, Amy is a pro, and gets right to work releasing the painful tension from overworked muscles. Amy’s smooth, sensual touch sends tingles down Victoria’s sore spine, and the latter coyly asks if Amy has a boyfriend. Lucky for the blonde babe, Amy answers she does not, as she pours oil down Victoria’s back. Now even more turned on, Victoria asks Amy if maybe she’ll massage a bit lower? It’s unorthodox, but Amy agrees: Victoria is cute, after all, so why not? As Amy rubs the oil into Victoria’s ass and then into her tight pussy, the two women just can’t contain themselves anymore, ripping off their clothes and passionately kissing. Soon, both lesbians are tasting each other in a sexy 69 that sees both babes moaning in pleasure. After taking turns bringing each other to orgasm, the ladies lie back arms intertwined. Victoria’s tension is most certainly a memory!
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Quest For Orgasm - Victoria Pure

Victoria Pure – Sensual masturbation with sweet Czech blonde babe Victoria Pure
Added: August 08, 2017

Victoria Pure reveals her intimate masturbation habits, caressing her pussy and trying out sex toys. She reaches three mindblowing orgasms.
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Dog House Digital - Victoria Pure

Victoria Pure – Give Me Attention
Added: August 03, 2017

Victoria Pure is frustrated, her boyfriend is not giving her the attention she needs. She interrupts a boy’s night and demands that it’s her turn to be noticed, but her boyfriend has a better idea. Which is how about all of the guys give her more than just attention. They give her 4 hard cocks and a wild gang bang. Paying extra attention to each one of her holes! Guaranteed she won’t be complaining anymore!
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Woodman Casting X - Victoria Pure

Victoria Pure – Casting W 175
Added: July 31, 2017

Victoria Pure
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Legal Porno - Victoria Pure

Victoria Pure double anal training
Added: July 24, 2017

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VIPissy – Victoria Pure & Jimena

Victoria Pure & Jimena – VIPissy
Added: May 16, 2017

Today on ViPissy we introduce you to the double act of Jimena and Victoria Pure as they both start this scene wearing denim jeans and sexy high heels. The contrast of brunette and blonde really gets us going and will blow your mind! These pretty pissing lesbians start kissing each other and soon make their way onto the tiled floor as Jimena starts wetting her panties and denims. A dark patch of piss soaks through her crotch and then we notice that Victoria does the same and suddenly starts peeing her panties while bent over in a doggystyle position. After these gorgeous girls start to strip, they suck their juices from their jeans and then Jimena sprays Victoria with golden showers. Splashing everywhere, Victoria ends up piss drinking and loves the taste of Jimena’s nectar! Jimena then licks all the way up Victoria’s t-shirt, tasting herself and lies on the ground, waiting for Victoria to pee on her. With both girls now naked, they indulge in some lesbian piss drinking and flesh like dildo play. These horny pissing lesbians get soaking wet and lap up as much of their golden pee as they can before they finish their scene with us!
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Nikita Ricci & Victoria Pure – Secret pussy eating woodland walk
Added: May 01, 2017

Walking through Prague’s sprawling woods, new girlfriends Nikita Ricci and Victoria Pure have brought along a camcorder to film their adventures. Things start out innocently enough, as they bask in the fresh springtime weather. But soon, both lesbian babes are flirting and stripteasing for the camera! They find a quiet corner to sneak inside, and start stripping down to their cute lingerie. Once outside of the world’s gaze, Nikita and Victoria decide to turn their amateur vlog into a sexy POV romp! The Euro sweethearts take turns licking, sucking, and fingering each other’s tight teen pussies, as their trusty camera catches every naughty moment.
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Fitness Rooms – Terra Twain & Victoria Pure

Terra Twain & Victoria Pure – Mature gym teacher and student
Added: April 25, 2017

Blonde babe Victoria Pure has the biggest crush on her MILF gym trainer, Terra Twain. The mature hottie’s touch makes Victoria’s pussy tingle with forbidden desire. She can hardly wait for their weekly workouts together! So, today, you can only imagine the Czech chick’s delight when Terra leans in for a surprise kiss. Soon their spandex outfits are littering the floor, as the sexy lesbians begin a sweaty sex-a-thon of pussy-eating, tribbing, and finger-banging. Then a pink vibrator emerges! Victoria and Terra take turns playing with each other’s puffy clits, until collapse from the wet, juicy orgasms.
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Bambi Joli & Victoria Pure – Pussy hungry lesbian booty call
Added: April 09, 2017

Blonde bombshell Victoria Pure is feeling a little neglected. Her sexy FWB, Bambi Joli hasn’t come over to lick her sweet pussy in ages. Phoning up the gorgeous Russian, Victoria hornily pleads with her for a lesbian booty call. Lucky enough for her, Bambi says “yes” right away! Soon, the two Euros are reunited with each other’s tight twats. After a juicy round of fingering orgasms, Bambi surprises Victoria with a big glass dildo! As Bambi fucks Victoria with her sex toy, the Czech harlot moans and cries out in a wild bliss, until she’s absolutely breathless from climaxing.
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