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Tag: Tina Kay

Boldly Girls - Tina Kay

Tina Kay – The security guard and the model
Added: October 25, 2017

Tina Kay is the last model to walk the runway at today’s fashion show. She needs to change clothes a few times and she has Antonio Ross to guard the door so no one can enter the room unexpectedly. The problem is that Antonio just can’t take his eyes off of her amazing body so Tina decides to take control of the situation…
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The White Boxxx - Tina Kay

Tina Kay – Passionate anal and cum on ass with sexy British babe Tina Kay and Lutro
Added: October 15, 2017

Sultry British babe Tina Kay and Lutro are in for some lustful ass fucking. He’ll please her pussy and cum on her sweet ass.
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Sex Art - Tina Kay

Tina Kay – Angry Wife
Added: September 24, 2017

When Kristof Cale tells gorgeous Tina Kay he doesn’t want to eat the meal she’s spent two hours preparing, he brings out the “Angry Wife” in her; but her fury quickly turns to lust when she straddles him as they fight. Kristof holds her arms to stop her from striking him, but Tina’s too horny to hold off, she’s suddenly kissing him, grinding on his lap as she pushes her breasts into his mouth. She yanks open his pants to suck on his erection, giving him a noisy blowjob, deepthroating him energetically…
Then she’s on him, shorts off, shaved pussy wet, riding his pole hard and fast, the entire day’s pent up frustration coming out as she bounces up and down vigorously. Kristof gives as good as he gets, grabbing Tina’s perfect ass as she slams onto his cock, humping up into her in perfect sync. Kristof flips Tina so she’s face down on the couch and he can pin her down and fuck her from behind, driving her wild, making her gasp and moan with delight. She straddles him, beautiful breasts jiggling as she slides on and off his stiff shaft, jumping off to taste herself from his cock before mounting him again. Now Kristof jackhammers up into her powerfully and they climax together, marital harmony restored by their mutual pleasure.
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Nubile Films – Tina Kay

Tina Kay – Sexual Chemistry
Added: September 08, 2017

Ricky Rascal can’t wait for his date with Tina Kay, and when the bubbly brunette comes bouncing his way he thinks again how lucky he is. Tina is all smiles when Ricky pulls her tits out of her shirt right where they’re standing outside. When he leans forward to lick each nipple with his stiff tongue, she is happy to fall right into his arms so he can carry her inside.

Relocating to the bedroom, the couple continues their makeout session as their clothes come off. Ricky can’t keep his mouth off of Tina’s perfect boobs. As he worships her chest, his hand creeps lower to caress her soft bare pussy. Finding her nice and wet, Ricky dives in for a taste of Tina’s heavenly juices.

Pushing Ricky down onto the bed, Tina pulls out her boyfriend’s fuck stick and sweeps her soft tongue up the length. When she closes her mouth around the head of his dick and starts sucking, Ricky puts a hand out to cup her close. She keeps on with her blowjob until her dripping pussy can’t wait another moment. Rising up on her knees, Tina rubs Ricky’s stiffie up and down her slippery slit until he is coated with her cream.

Sliding down onto Ricky’s hardon, Tina moans in happiness as she is filled by his girth. Her hips sway in a primal rhythm that gets her boobs bouncing as Ricky watches. He can’t help but reach up to grip the perky knockers and rub his fingers over her diamond hard nipples.

When Tina gets on her hands and knees with her firm ass in the air, Ricky doesn’t hesitate before sliding into her tight twat. His long strokes are just what Tina needs to really start filling the room with her moans of ecstasy. Reaching out to wind his hand in Tina’s hair, Ricky anchors himself for an even harder pussy pounding.

Flipping onto her back, Tina lifts one leg high and props it on Ricky’s shoulder as he reenters her sweet warmth. She props herself up with her arms to change up the angle of penetration a bit, and then hangs on for the ride as Ricky resumes pile driving in her greedy snatch. Her climax is swift and fierce, leaving her sated and satisfied.

When Ricky rearranges his position so that he is by Tina’s head, the horny coed knows just what to do. Wrapping her hand around his shaft, she starts stroking while aiming him right where she wants his cum shot. Finally he obliges her, creaming all over her face to cover Tina in his love.
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Pervs On Patrol - Tina Kay

Tina Kay – Pillow Riding Roommate
Added: August 16, 2017

When Tina Kay’s roomie hid her sex toy collection, Tina was so horny that she just used her pillow instead! As soon as she spotted him watching, she invited her roommate in to eat her out so that she could finally have the orgasm she craved!
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Office Obsession - Tina Kay

Tina Kay – Lay Down the Law
Added: August 06, 2017

Tina Kay
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ZZ Series - Rebecca Moore & Tina Kay

Rebecca Moore & Tina Kay – Queen Of Thrones: Part 1 (A XXX Parody)
Added: July 31, 2017

John Doe finds himself surrounded by dead walkers, leaving him no choice but to fight. To save the North, he risks it all, in attempt to align himself with the cruel Queen Sexei Bannister. Meanwhile, Jeromay and Sexei are less than impressed with a local theatre troupe performing in the kingdom. However, Jeromay does see potential in actress portraying Daniellys. He’s eager to demonstrate after the show the reason he’s earned the title ‘Pussyslayer’, as he brings a guest into the royal chambers for a fuckfest that’s sure to put a smile on Queen’s face.
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Sex Art - Tina Kay

Tina Kay – Lure
Added: July 30, 2017

Gorgeous Tina Kay slips on a thong and satin slip to perform an arousing striptease for Kristof Cale, at the start of Andrej Lupin’s erotic celebration “Lure.” By the time she’s naked, Kristof is practically begging the hot babe with the perfect body to join him in bed. When she does, she slides her hand under the covers to stroke his stiff cock, then fondles it through his shorts before unleashing it. She caresses up and down the thick shaft as she sucks hard on the head, trailing her tongue over it, then sucking it deeper. Tina straddles Kristof and feeds his big cock into her tight, shaved pussy, sliding up and down slowly and deliberately to get maximum penetration on each downward stroke, as he squeezes her peachy ass. Gripping onto the headboard, Tina starts riding faster and faster, gasping as she slams down harder onto Kristof’s dick, her beautiful breasts jiggling. Tina spins around into a sixty-nine, jerking and sucking Kristof’s cock as he laps voraciously at her sodden pussy; then she impales herself again in reverse cowgirl, bouncing and grinding vigorously. They move into spoons, Tina encouraging her man with her blissful moans, and then into missionary. Tina orgasms noisily as Kristof drives into her over and over, and then fills her stretched-open pussy with his hot cum. The horny lovers shower together, no doubt as the prelude to some more energetic fucking.
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Elegant Anal – Tina Kay

Tina Kay – Leaving On A Jet Plane
Added: July 24, 2017

Young lovers Tina Kay and Kristof Cale have booked a vacation together, and they’re both beyond excited to join the mile high club. Before they can head to the airport, they have to pack their bags, but though they should be working, they can barely keep their hands off of each other. When Kristof is finally able to pry himself away from staring at Tina’s sexy tits and round ass, Ms. Kay picks up a picture of them together, reminding her of just how lucky she is to have scored such a handsome stud. She decides to surprise him when he re-enters the room and remind him of just how lucky is he to have scored a gorgeous goddess with blowjob skills like hers. They might not be on the plane yet, but why not practice for the mile high club?
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Her Limit – Tina Kay

Tina Kay – Slutty British babe Tina Kay gets her ass fisted in wild rough fuck
Added: July 23, 2017

Tina Kay is a wild babe with an insatiable appetite. She gets pushed to her limit with scruffy stud Mike Angelo. He’ll fill her ass with milk, pound her like there’s no tomorrow and cum all over her pretty face.
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Cute Don’t Cut It

Added: June 29, 2017

Cast: Tina Kay, Samantha Bentley
Roughest Porn Ever Shot In The UK!
Kaz B. – Naughty niece’s fuck show 4 pervy uncle.
Smantha Bentley – Degradation of a porn princess.
Tina Kay – Pink & fluffy & tough as fuck.
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21 Erotic Anal – Tina Kay

Tina Kay – Anal Picnic
Added: June 25, 2017

Tina Kay
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Dorcel Club – Tina Kay

Tina Kay – Tina Kay’s gang bang with 3 firefighters
Added: June 16, 2017

When the nurse Tina is called to treat firefighters she’s getting the job WELL done!
The British girl Tina Kay offers us here a fantastic gang bang scene with 3 guys, super hardcore, with blowjobs and DPs!
An exclusive scene from the next DORCEL nurses movies: “Rose Valérie, Night Shift Nurse”!
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Nubile Films – Tina Kay

Tina Kay – Enjoy The View
Added: June 13, 2017

Tina Kay is enjoying the spectacular view off the balcony when Max Dior joins her outside. After taking one last look out into the woods, Tina turns around and gives Max her full attention, just as he wants. Soon the couple is exchanging deep kisses as they make their way inside. Pulling down the front of her dress, Tina urges Max to feel up her big breasts as she works on his pants and underwear. Once she can get her hands on his erection, she takes a few moments to prepare him before letting her mouth join in the fun. It’s not long before she is sucking away at Max’s stiffie in a voracious BJ that is deep and filled with desire. Wasting no time in continuing to take what she wants, Tina shucks the rest of her clothes and then climbs aboard Max’s hardon. He’s rock hard and ready for her as she starts moving her hips, much to her delight. It’s not long before she’s riding her personal steed at a breakneck pace that gets her huge knockers jiggling. Getting on her hands and knees, Tina moans with total surrender as Max comes up behind her and teases for a moment before sliding balls deep into her tight sheathe. Her moans of ecstasy are music to Max’s ears as he works his hips for Tina’s pleasure. Driving Tina over the edge is Max’s only goal until he finally succeeds in his desires. Unable to contain her delight, Tina flips onto her back and lifts one leg high in the air so that Max can get a different angle of penetration that gets him deeper than ever. Moments after she reaches her own release, Max pulls out. Tina reaches forward to bring him off, letting him cover her in creamy delight.
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Sex Art – Talia Mint & Tina Kay

Talia Mint & Tina Kay – Whispering
Added: June 09, 2017

Sexy Talia Mint is trying to read when her hot girlfriend Tina Kay distracts her with a kiss, as “Whispering” begins. Talia closes her book and slips upstairs, finding gorgeous Tina naked and waiting for her attention. They tease each other with flirty words and hot kisses, Talia’s nipples rock hard as she strips for Tina and moves on top of her. She kisses her way down from Tina’s perfect breasts to her shaved pussy, licking all around her hot slit tantalizingly before sliding her tongue into the sticky groove. She has Tina suck on her fingers before she thrusts them inside her, lapping at her clit as she diddles her to a breathless orgasm. Talia spins around into a sixty-nine, grinding on Tina’s pretty face as she continues to eat her out, gasping with pleasure as Tina spreads her open and licks her shiny pink folds. Talia goes face down, ass up so Tina can finger her from behind, bucking and thrashing back against her as she moans her way to an explosive orgasm. The girls cuddles up together, still laughing and teasing each other lovingly, their sweet words promising to fan the flames of lust once again.
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