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Tag: Sophia Leone

Exotic 4K – Sophia Leone

Sophia Leone – Latina Curves
Added: July 19, 2017

Sophia Leone
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Only Teen Blowjobs – Sophia Leone

Sophia Leone – Cumshot Cupcake
Added: July 14, 2017

The slutty Sophia Leone wants to make a birthday present for friend. She surprises him by showing him her beautiful natural breasts and gets down on him to suck his big rock hard cock!Slutty and horny as she is, she’s not shy to show him her sucking skills! Sophia definitely knows how to make his day!
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Bad Neighbor

Added: May 17, 2017

Cast: Bailey Brooke, Sophia Leone, Mia Pearl, Alix Lovell
These girls should have asked around before moving into our neighborhood, or maybe they did and were starving for cock! Someone keeps snagging women, but leaving them satisfied and full of cum. There’s even a peeping tom in the area watching as lovers get busy in their car. The neighborhood the Madison’s call home is a hot bed of sexual fantasies.
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8th Street Latinas – Sophia Leone

Sophia Leone – Sophia Cums In Waves
Added: May 14, 2017

Sexy Latina Sophia Leone was hanging around the beach in her pretty pink bikini. She went for a little jog to show off her perky tits bouncing and then ran back towards her boyfriend Seth Gamble as we see her beautiful round booty shaking up and down. Sophia loves the beach as she loves showing off her amazing bikini body while getting dirty in the sand–by flashing her tits in the ocean! After some fun on the sand, Sophia was really wet and Seth brought her back to his place where he poured oil all over this naughty slut and watched her twerk and suck his cock like the slut she is! Sophia loves the ocean, but she loves fucking even more–because this babe cums in waves!
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Hot And Mean – Sophia Leone & Peyton Banks

Sophia Leone & Peyton Banks – Girl Fight
Added: December 28, 2016

Two college girls with totally different lives: one’s an edgy lesbian who loves to experiment, the other is an uptight sorority princess. Will these two ever find a way to get along? Maybe all they need is a little time to scissor and 69.
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Punish Teens – Sophia Leone

Sophia Leone – Bandits Of Bondage
Added: December 20, 2016

Bruno and Sophia have been burglarizing residences for some time now. The usual plan is to find a family going on vacation and ransack the place before they return.. Its usually been some small hauls, but it was time for them to finally hit it big. They break into one of the most lavish houses in the area, putting anything they see of value into their bags. They eventually split up, and lucky for Sophia she came across the families high priced jewelry collection. Opposed to sharing this major loot with Bruno, she attempts to hide it in her personal stash. Unfortunately, Bruno was right behind her. He decides to go for the triple cross, going to the garage and finding some rope and bondage equipment. He suggests to Sophia that they should have a little fun before they leave, and Sophia being the little freak she is of course agrees. From there, Bruno goes to town on her. Full body brutal domination, leaving no hole inviolate. Sophia was loving every minute of it, until Bruno jizzed on her face and left her tied to the bed. Bruno calls the cops, takes the money, and Sophia realized what just happened. It just goes to show you should always be extra careful when you wanna totally fuck someone.
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Erotica X – Maya Bijou & Sophia Leone

Maya Bijou & Sophia Leone – Birthday Surprise
Added: December 10, 2016

Maya Bijou wants to make her girlfriend Sophia Leone’s birthday extra special. So she gives her a great big gift! Her boyfriend Tyler Nixon. He shares his package with both of them giving him a deep throating, cock sucking like he’s never had before. It’s a wild and crazy three-way where anything goes! They get wet in the pool and out of it! It’s a birthday to remember.
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Kinky Family – Sophia Leone

Sophia Leone – Kinky Family
Added: December 10, 2016

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Dyked – Selena Santana & Sophia Leone

Selena Santana & Sophia Leone – Working Hard For Her Money
Added: December 06, 2016

Sophia has been cleaning homes for almost her whole life. Shes been trying to save and pay for classes. Its not the most glorious job, but when you need money it helps you get by. During the summer, business got slow. Sophia overslept and was late to her client Ms. Santanas home. She was sitting on the couch when she walked in, and quite furious too. She basically told Sophia she was fired and to get the fuck out. Just as Sophia was out the door, Ms. Santana called her back. She knew how desperately she needed the money, so she decided to fuck with her. She asked if she was willing to get naked. Sophia was in shock, but really had no other choice. Ms. Santana patrolled her as she did her chores naked. She eventually started fingering herself in front of Sophia, and lured her into the bedroom. From there Ms. Santana force fucked Sophias throat and pussy with her bright pink dildo. They then continued taking turns on each others sweet vaginas until their luscious juices flowed freely all over each other. Looks like a job well done.
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BFFs – Sophia Leone, Kelsi Monroe

Sophia Leone, Kelsi Monroe – Basketball
Added: November 14, 2016

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Vixen - Sophia Leone

Sophia Leone – I Couldn’t Resist My Trainer
Added: November 12, 2016

Sophia loves to keep in shape and after pestering her parents for a personal trainer after the school year is done, she gets her wish. Johnny always pushes her to her limit in every session, and she loves the attention he gives her whenever they are together. His attraction to her is obvious, and she feels the same way. After one of their workouts, they finally give in to the temptations they have both been experiencing.
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Oye Loca – Sophia Leone

Sophia Leone – Beachside Bonita
Added: November 02, 2016

One look at Sophia and you can tell she was foreign. Luckily, sex is that one universal thing that surpasses all language barriers. After bruno got a good look at that booty Sophia was packing, he decided it would be a lot more caliente if it was unclothed and covered with oil. Her spicy lips made his cock tingleshe sucked it muy bueno. Brunos chorizo slid in and out of her chocha with ease, making them both cream up a tormenta!
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Dare Dorm – Sophia Leone

Sophia Leone – Halloween Dress Down
Added: October 31, 2016

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Horny Coed Adventures

Added: September 26, 2016

Cast: Shay Evans, Anya Olsen, Gina Valentina, Sophia Leone, Nickey Huntsman, Adria Rae, Kimber Lee
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ATK Girlfriends - Sophia Leone

Sophia Leone – A creampie inside of her right away
Added: August 25, 2016

Before boarding the plane to Oahu, Sophia takes a few drags of her cigarette. The view to your room balcony is amazing, and she loves it! Sophia is on the couch looking all sexy, but you refrain and go for a drive. You take her to look at the beach from some very jagged rocks. When you get back to the room you don’t waste much time and devour Sophia’s pussy. You fuck her doggy style then let her suck your cock. After you enjoy seeing her ass in reverse cowgirl you fill up her pussy with a creampie.
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