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Sex Art - Emylia Argan & Paula Shy

Emylia Argan & Paula Shy – Exploration
Added: September 22, 2017

Sexy brunette Emylia Argan lies on the bed dressed in butt-hugging black panties, enjoying a powerful “Exploration” of her own sexuality as she imagines busty beauty Paula Shy joining her. Both are naked, Paula’s perfect ass up in the air as she sucks Emylia’s lovely breasts. Emylia masturbates frantically, grinding on her hand as she pictures Paula on top of her in a hot sixty-nine, licking and fingering her skilfully. Emylia rocks her hips up to meet Paula’s mouth, shaved pussy opening up for her eager tongue…
In her vivid fantasy, Paula sits on her face, her gorgeous ass rocking as Emylia spreads her cheeks and licks her hungrily. Paula’s big tits jiggle hypnotically as Emylia eats her to a powerful climax. Now Emylia fucks herself avidly with a big glass dildo as she pictures Paula going down to lick her juicy pussy. She raises her hips to chase the intense sensations as Paula sucks on her clit, then finger-bangs her rapidly, making her writhe and moan. As Paula makes her orgasm in her fantasy, Emylia cums on the plunging dildo, her pretty face a picture of ecstasy.
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Met Art X - Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Morning Glow
Added: August 25, 2017

Although Paula Shy is silhouetted against a window, the way her body moves indicates she’s in a highly aroused mood. The Asian Czech redhead sits at a table where it’s revealed she still has on her white bed wear, as she spoons fruit preserve onto a slice of toast in a most sensual manner. She raise her top and strokes the nipples of her gorgeous breasts to stiffness, before removing the garment and parting her legs wide so that her panties stretch tightly across her pussy. She raises her lovely lithe legs high in the air and strokes them, before tugging her panties to one side, and, eyes closed in ecstasy, licks a finger and runs it along the slit of her shaved pussy. It’s the start of a sex-charged journey that culminates in a powerful orgasm.
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Nubile Films - Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Open Up
Added: August 12, 2017

Exotic beauty Paula is kitted out to impress with an evening gown that highlights her curves and shows off her long legs with its short miniskirt. When she arrives to greet Dan, he opens the door with a smile and steals a kiss. That’s enough for Paula to give in to her passion. Taking Dan’s hand, she leads him inside and to the bedroom. Dan knows just what to do to whet Paula’s sensual appetite. Slipping her high heels off, he takes the time to kiss her slender calves before turning his attention further up her body…
He lifts Paula’s miniskirt to caress her landing strip pussy, and then pulls down the top of her dress so that he can feast on her big boobs and rock hard nipples. When Dan finally helps Paula out of her dress, she can’t help a whimper of excitement. She raises one leg, opening herself for Dan to settle between her thigh. He knows just what to do, lapping away at her sweet juices as he builds the excitement for both of them to a fever pitch before sliding two fingers deep into her tight twat to double down on Paula’s enjoyment. Easing Dan back on the bed as her body throbs with residual bliss, Paula pulls her boyfriend’s shirt off and his pants down. Once his stiffie springs free, she takes it in hand and starts stroking. Leaning forward, she licks the head of Dan’s dick, and then opens her puffy lip mouth to suck his hardon. Kissing her way back up Dan’s body, Paula then turns around on her hands and knees so that her back is to her boyfriend. He complies with her unspoken request, getting up on his knees behind her and steadying himself with a hand on her hips before gliding into her slick heat. The redhead bombshell takes every inch of Dan’s long penis, driving her hips back in one stroke after another as Dan meets her thrust for thrust. Urging Dan back onto the bed, Paula swings one leg over his hips so that she is straddling him. She takes her time pressing down onto his fuck stick, impaling herself in a slow, sweet motion. Her initial movements are equally slow and deliberate as she enjoys the feel of Dan’s stiffie buried deep inside, but soon she can’t hold back from a wild hardcore ride. With every down stroke, Paula’s big boobs jiggle to the delight of both her and Dan. After climbing off of Dan’s hardon, Paula kneels between his legs to go back to sucking and stroking. She could deliver this lusty BJ forever, but she’s not done letting Dan fuck her yet. Curling up with him so that they are spooning on the bed, Paula moans in delight as Dan slams into her again and again so that he can bring her off one last time. Paula’s final climax leaves Dan unable to hold back. He explodes with passion while still buried deep inside Paula’s twat. Delighted by the creampie finish, Paula pulls Dan close for a final kiss as they bask in the afterglow of their mutual orgasms.
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Met Art X - Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Fenetre Sur Balcon
Added: August 09, 2017

Auburn-haired Asian-Czech babe Paula Shy slowly peels off her clothes to reveal her magnificent body, with its beautiful big breasts, and shaved pussy. She’s evidently feeling in a horny mood, and she shows it when, wearing just her black high heels, she sits and raises one of her lovely lithe legs high, and strokes her inner thigh sensually. Relocating to her bed, she she splays her sticky labia, and tugs at her erect nipples, lost in pleasure. Rolling onto her front with her delicious peachy ass held high, she slips a hand between her legs, slides two fingers deep inside her pussy and frigs herself relentlessly. As she races closer to orgasm, the camera indicates that a voyeur may be watching her through the balcony window, which adds to the excitement of seeing her kneeling, eyes closed in ecstasy, as she cries out loudly in the throes of an intense orgasm.
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Paula Shy - XXX.Pack

Added: July 31, 2017

Paula Shy
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Sinful XXX – Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Sinful XXX
Added: July 21, 2017

Paula Shy
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Met Art X – Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Necklace
Added: July 13, 2017

Sexy Paula Shy looks pensive as she strokes her perfect body through her clothing. The sizzling Czech pulls up the top and unleashes her big breasts, which she caresses lovingly. She flicks her long dark hair, unzips her skirt and lets it fall to the floor. Sitting on a sofa, she slides her white panties down over one leg, before stroking the slit of her shaved pussy, up and down, paying particular attention to her ultra sensitive clit. She gets up, sticks out her delicious peachy ass, and, with one leg cocked up on the arm of the sofa, she slips a hand between her legs, and drives two fingers deep inside her pussy. As her arousal levels go through the roof she pants hard and breathlessly, en route to an intense orgasm.
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VIPissy – Paula Shy & Emylia Arga

Paula Shy & Emylia Arga – Wet Wake Up Call
Added: July 10, 2017

Paula Shy makes a return on VIPissy today as she naps on her bed wearing no panties! Gorgeous brunette Emylia walks in and sees her and immediately feels tempted to wake her up in a way she has never previously imagined herself doing! The sudden urge to piss all over Paula fills Emylia’s head so she lifts up her skirt and lets loose all over Paula’s white top. This wakes Paula suddenly and has the desired effect as this naughty pair start to have a lot more fun with each other. Emylia licks Paula’s bare naked ass and all up her back before Paula strips naked and stands over Emylia who is now laying on the bed ready to receive her golden showers! They both are instantly turned on and get naked while kissing each other. Emylia bends over to allow Paula to lick her pussy and these girls switch as Paula lays back on the bed ready for her pussy licking action. She fires another stream of piss towards Emylia’s face and covers her before this filthy pair embark on some sex toy play! Emylia hangs from the bars of the four poster bed as Paula toys her pussy and drinks Emylia’s piss while it streams out of her hole. Once Paula has her turn using the dildo, she balances on one leg as she pisses over Emylia’s toned stomach and tits. After they enjoy sharing their dildo some more, Emylia pisses into Paula’s face as she catches some of the golden nectar in a glass. Paula finishes filling it up before these pissing lesbians pour it all over each other and have even more fun getting soaking wet!
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Kira Zen & Paula Shy – Passionate Fireside Pussy Licking
Added: June 24, 2017

The fire is lit, the drinks are poured, and girlfriends Paula Shy and Kira Zen are settling in for a quiet, romantic night at home. Cuddled in front of the fireplace on a soft rug, cozy in their little shorts, fuzzy boots, and knee-high socks, they lean in for the long-anticipated highlight of the day: that first kiss. Paula breathes a soft moan as Kira runs her tongue along her neck, then liberates her perky tits from her blue lace bra to lick her nipples. Soon, Paula is spreading Kira’s long legs to lick the pretty Hungarian’s pussy, the beginning of a sensual oral session that sees the two beauties orgasming in 69 position by the soft light of the fire.
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Met Art X – Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Hotline Returns
Added: June 17, 2017

Stunning Asian babe Paula Shy is on the phone in an arty, minimalist apartment. The conversation is evidently arousing her, because the Czech hottie starts touching herself sensually, before announcing, “Ok, I will call you back when I’m wet!” A woman of her word, she does just that, sticking the earpiece of the phone down her panties and rubbing it against her wet pussy. She unzips her top and pops out her beautiful big breasts, which she fondles lovingly, before gradually stripping naked. Sitting legs spread wide on the rug, Paula fingers her dripping pussy with verve – proving she’s Shy by name, not by nature.
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Met Art X – Paula Shy

Paula Shy – When Everybody Sleeps
Added: June 01, 2017

Sexually sensational Paula Shy is propped up in bed, eyes closed and topless, slowly caressing her beautiful big breasts. As the Asian-Czech brunette’s hand slips beneath the sheets and makes contact with her pussy, her face flushes with an expression of pure ecstasy. Cut to her on her knees, naked apart from hold-up stockings, her fingers thrusting wildly in and out of her shaved pussy as she simultaneously strums her clit. The volume of her cries of pleasure indicates that her arousal level is peaking and she’s racing headlong into a body-shaking, epic climax.
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Lesbea – Foxxi Black & Paula Shy

Foxxi Black & Paula Shy – Intimate Bathtub Pussy Eating
Added: May 22, 2017

It’s not often that Paula Shy and Foxxi Black get intimate time alone, so when the lesbian lovers get a moment out of their busy schedules, they opt to stay indoors! Tonight, Paula has planned a sensual bath for her girlfriend, and just as she’s testing the temperature, Foxxi appears, wearing lovely lace lingerie. The couple greet each other with a kiss, then slip out of their naughty lace to step naked into the warm bathwater. After a relaxing bath with some water play, they towel off and the beautiful babes take turns pleasuring each other’s pussies with their mouths, facesitting and 69-ing to reach orgasmic heights. Satisfied after their sultry lovemaking, Paula and Foxxy fall onto the bed, kissing softly.
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Wow Porn – Paula Shy, Nina North & Evelina Darling

Paula Shy, Nina North & Evelina Darling – Life Is Great
Added: May 19, 2017

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Fitness Rooms – Lady Bug & Paula Shy

Lady Bug & Paula Shy – Naughty girls cock hungry threesome
Added: May 02, 2017

From across the gym, chiseled hunk Max Dyor is eyeing Lady Bug and Paula Shy as they lift weights. These two fit babes look so sexy in their spandex outfits that he just can’t look away! When he saunters over to chat them up, the girlfriends don’t seem that impressed by him. But that doesn’t stop Lady and Paula from taking advantage of Max’s huge hard-on! Starting out with a double blowjob, they get his throbbing cock ready to ride. The bisexual cuties then take turns straddling Max in Cowgirl, bouncing up and down as their pussies tremble with juicy orgasms. After such an energetic threesome, Paula and Lady won’t have to worry about skipping cardio!
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xChimera – Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Sensual cock riding and hot facial for big titted Czech babe Paula Shy
Added: May 01, 2017

Beautiful Paula Shy is chosen to play out the elite’s fantasies. She’ll put an amazing show with Daniel G., riding him lustfully and making him cum all over her gorgeous face.
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