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Tag: Paula Shy

Fitness Rooms – Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Hot sweaty sex for Asian gym babe
Added: March 21, 2017

Paula Shy’s curvy ass looks so fine, jiggling away on the butt toning machine. Her gym trainer Max Dyor can’t help but cop a feel! Their kissing, groping, and petting turns into a full-out fucking, after Max gives Paula’s muff an energetic pussy-licking. As the Asian babe reclines on the weight bench, her buff lover thrusts inside for a heart-pumping plowing. Switching between sex positions with horny delight, this naughty Euro couple sure knows how to relieve out any post-workout tension!
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Euro Sex Parties – Paula Shy & Selena Mur

Paula Shy & Selena Mur – Fiery Hot
Added: March 20, 2017

We have two smoking hot Euro babes for you guys today and they could not wait to get down to action. Paula brought her man along to join in on the swingers party that was about to go down.These two hotties wasted zero time and got right to making out just moments after we meet them. Before long, the girls were sucking cock and swapping back and forth before they started getting fucked. There is plenty pussy eating and pounding, and cock swallowing action to go around for everyone, Dont miss out!
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Met Art X – Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Elles
Added: March 05, 2017

Peachy Paula Shy gasps when she slowly drags the gusset of her black panties up and down her pussy slit, as though lost in the mist of a highly sexual dream. Cut to the busty Asian brunette darling licking and sucking the toes of her right foot, her tongue savoring every moment. When she lies on the table, she undoes her blouse and fondles her ample breasts, before teasingly rubbing her sweet pussy through her panties. She pulls them aside, splays her puffy pussy lips, spit-lubes two fingers, and as she thrusts them deep inside her hole, her golden-skinned body squirms in ecstasy. On fire with desire, Paula gets naked and resumes finger-banging herself, even harder and faster, until, with a loud howl, she comes.
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Dane Jones - Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Secret fuck with GF behind his back
Added: March 04, 2017

Visiting friends for a fun weekend in Prague, Kristof Cale has caught a severe case of love sickness–for his buddy’s girlfriend! Just being in the same house with Paula Shy makes him unbelievably horny. But despite his raging hormones, Kristof is trying to be a loyal friend. So, he takes his big boner into the bathroom to privately jizz out his feelings. But the Asian beauty catches Kristof in the act. Exposed with his cock in hand, the Czech hunk decides to stop hiding his desires and follow his forbidden feelings, wherever they may lead! After Kristof seduces Paula with an expert pussy-licking, the lustful Euros get down and dirty, fucking like nymphomaniacs while Paula’s cuckolded boyfriend sits nearby.
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Mikes Apartment - Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Amazing Paula
Added: March 02, 2017

Paula Shy came to stay at Mikes Apartment with her boyfriend. She was from Prague and she was sexy. They decided to take the special deal and soon after, Paula, was getting naked in the shower. She undressed and lathered her sexy body in soap. Her boyfriend joined her and she sucked his cock nicely. They action continued in the bedroom where she got her pussy munched on. She got her pussy drilled and got that man juice in her mouth.
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Massage Rooms – Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Deep sensual orgasm for Asian babe
Added: February 21, 2017

Even under the thick red towel covering Lutro’s member, Asian masseuse Paula Shy could clearly see the buldge of a very big cock. Packing an impressive 8″ of dick, Lutro wasn’t offended when Paula wanted to take a peak. Or even when she poured warm oil on it, and massaged his girth with a sensual Handjob and Footjob! But touching wasn’t enough for the raven-haired minx. Paula wanted to feel Lutro’s thickness inside her, so she climbed atop the Czech stud for a Cowgirl pussy-pounding. After crying out in orgasm, Paula dismounted to jerk off Lutro until he jizzed cum across her bouncy tits.
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Wow Porn - Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Positive Vibrations
Added: February 18, 2017

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Paula Shy & Bambi Joli – Russian and Czech babes eat pussy
Added: February 12, 2017

Euro camgirls Paula Shy and Bambi Joli know that when it comes to putting on an X-rated peep show, two beauties are better than just one! Swaying their curvy hips for the camera, they take turns giving each other sexy lap dances. But the lovely lesbians don’t stop there. Paula helps Bambi striptease, before fingering, licking, and spreading her cute pink pussy for their pervy audience. Afterwards, the Asian babe rides Bambi’s tongue in an orgasmic face-fucking, dribbling her sweet juices down the pretty Russian’s chin. Even as they collapse into a giggly, exhausted heap, their online follower count keeps on going up!
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Massage Rooms - Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Asian babe gives orgasmic handjob
Added: February 08, 2017

When Asian masseuse Paula Shy says she specializes in “full-body” massages, she means it! Working oil into client Nick’s fit body, he’s pleasantly surprised to feel Paula reaching down for his big cock. After massaging his member with a sensual handjob, the raven-haired babe climbs atop him for some pussy-pleasing in 69, before pulling off her leggings and riding Nick’s thick dick in Cowgirl. After a rough, romantic fucking leaves Paula breathless from orgasming, she jerks off Nick with her lovely feet and hands until he jizzes his happy ending everywhere!
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Dane Jones - Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Romantic sex for buxom Asian beauty
Added: January 28, 2017

Raven-haired babe Paula Shy’s favorite thing about boyfriend Ricky is the soft, romantic side of his personality, because it’s the part of him that she alone gets to see. So, when Ricky runs his hands admiringly over her soft feet, slim tanned legs, and bubble butt, the gorgeous Asian feels a tingle of longing run down her spine. Kissing fervidly on the king-sized bed, Paula’s doting lover pulls down her sexy black lingerie, so he can lick across her pert nipples and big bouncy boobs. Always the desirous submissive, Paula lies back to let herself be dominated by her carnal lust. Now, their steamy playtime can truly begin. Taking off his lovely lady’s jean shorts, Ricky treats Paula to a gentle pussy-licking, making her wet and ready for a deep, vigorous plowing from his mighty cock.
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Babes – Linda Sweet & Paula Shy

Linda Sweet & Paula Shy – Not Missing Anything
Added: January 23, 2017

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Zoliboy - Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Banging the Nerd Girl
Added: January 21, 2017

Paula Shy is a sexy babe with huge natural breasts, and she wants to get a little closer to her man before getting into an all-out fuck session. Watch as her hot nerd glasses make this slim petite girl all the more irresistible as she licks, kisses and sucks to her lust’s content. Paula offers her sexy bubble butt for some rimming as well as pussy licking before going down deepthroat on her man for an intense blowjob. She rides him reverse cowgirl and cries with pleasure as he slams that pussy harder and harder. She gets plowed in the cooch doggystyle and missionary before giving the camera a sexy POV blowjob facial finish. Wow that was hot!
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Fake Agent - Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Amazing Tits and Ass Model Fucked
Added: January 18, 2017

Paula’s last name is Shy for a reason! The busty Asian spinner came into my office looking for work as a model and was fine showing me her tight yoga bod in fancy lingerie, but hesitated when I asked to see more. To make her feel more comfortable, I moved over to the couch and kissed and caressed the nervous teen until I was able to remove her bra to see her beautiful big natural tits. After I got a few shots for my camera, I went back to continue our make-out session, slipping off her panties so I could eat her pussy…
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Nubile Films – Paula

Paula Shy – Lovers Caress
Added: January 11, 2017

Paula sits quietly, nude and horny, as she contemplates her lover Dan. After taking a few moments to prepare herself, she climbs on top of Dan to rub her boobs up his back in a sexy massage that gets him hard almost instantly. When Dan flips over so that he can exchange loving kisses with his girlfriend as she continues to work her big tits all over his body, Paula can’t hold back her smile of anticipation. Moving slowly, Paula works her way down Dan’s body until she reaches his rock hard stiffie. She teases him with her breasts for a few moments, and then gets her hands, tongue, and lips in on the action. Sucking and stroking, she does anything she can to make Dan’s day. Only after she has thoroughly explored every inch of Dan’s member does Paula take things a step further by straddling him and sliding down until she is fully impaled by his fuck stick. Taking a few shallow strokes to get her landing strip twat used to the penetration, Paula gradually works her hips into a faster rhythm. Her position gives Dan the perfect view up her body so that he can admire his girlfriend’s flat belly and bouncing huge knockers as they jiggle above him. She keeps up her seductive stiffie ride until her whole body convulses in pleasure, leaving her nearly boneless with sexual satisfaction and ready to hand control over to Dan. Helping Paula onto her hands and knees, Dan slides into her from behind. His long cock is just what Paula’s greedy puss craves, and the harder he pumps the louder she moans. Even after she falls to her belly on the bed while Dan continues to work his magic on her snatch, Paula can’t contain her gasps of sheer ecstasy. When she knows that Dan is getting close, she grabs his wrist to keep him anchored deep inside of her for those last few desperate moments of pussy pounding. Her pleasure becomes Dan’s as he brings her off one last time. With the glove of Paula’s twat pulsing around him, he pulls out just in time to cover her bottom with the hot sticky evidence of his love.
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The Life Erotic – Paula Shy

Paula Shy – Gone Girl 2
Added: January 11, 2017

Hot Asian honey Paula Shy arrives home – she’s carrying flowers and talks happily on her cellphone, blowing a goodbye kiss as she hangs up. She’s casually dressed in cute striped pink shorts and a white slogan T-shirt, her long, dark-auburn hair in a high ponytail. She then takes skimpy black lingerie from a closet and lays it lovingly on a bed. She takes a lingering look at the flowers, caressing the petals of a red rose… then she shakes her head and suddenly tosses them aside. The film cuts to black and white and Paula strips naked, revealing pert, medium-sized breasts and a shaved pussy with a thin landing strip of trimmed pubes. She begins to dress in the lingerie, putting on a garter belt, stockings, a tiny thong and lace bra. As the color returns, she slicks on a reddish lipstick. Sitting on a small couch at the foot of the bed, she begins to run her scarlet-manicured hands over her body, caressing her tits through her bra before removing it. She kneads her globes them pinches her nipples, moistening them with spit-wet fingers as she teases them stiff. She splays her long legs, bringing one up on the couch to display high black spike heels. Now she plays with her pussy, pulling her panty-crotch high into her slit, then aside so she can finger her juicing folds. Slowly, she begins to masturbate, circling her fingers and probing deep inside. She alternates hands – one at her mouth, so she can savor the taste of her own arousal, while the other works between her thighs. Soon, however, the focus is all on her pussy – and as she parts her lips and fingerbangs herself hard and fast, we can hear how wet she is. She jams three fingers inside, moaning with pleasure, only to pause… then she retrieves a large, clear-glass dildo. She sucks on it long and slow, then plays it over her clit before slipping it in her pussy and fucking it hard in and out. Her fingers rub her clit and it’s only a minute or so before she’s cumming hard around the toy. As she enjoys the afterglow, her hands caress her body and she treats the camera to one final, smoldering gaze…
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