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Tag: Ornella Morgan

Mike’s Apartment – Ornella Morgan

Ornella Morgan – Pretty Please
Added: January 11, 2017

JJ has one amazingly gorgeous eurobabe coming to stay in his apartment for a few days. This girl has light eyes, the smoothest skin, and a firm body, especially her ass. She doesn’t speak much english, but she understands the words discount and masturbate. Soon she’s revealing her body to us and playing with her smooth pink pussy. Once she’s turned on, JJ offers her a further discount for fucking his friend. At this point she’s into it and wants to keep going. What follows is watching this magnificent beauty get licked and fucked. Her sexy moves and moans while sucking and riding the cock end with a cum explosion on her tits and face.
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Bitches Abroad – Ornella Morgan

Ornella Morgan – Whore Ornella Morgan Gets Fucked in the Ass
Added: June 12, 2016

Unable to find a bathroom in this new city, Ornella resorts to piss in the woods. She totally gets busted, though, and is brought home to get some anal action.
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