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Spizoo - Alana Summers, Marie McCray

Alana Summers, Marie McCray – Alana Summers First Interview
Added: January 09, 2017

We have a new pornstar today on and her name is Alana Summers. This young filthy slut is going to her appointment about a new job interview. Miss Marie McCray loves young little petite whores and after few questions she pushes Alana in a hot steamy lesbian action scene . Alana i never been seen before with a girl on camera before and Marie , kinda has to teach her whats up. They eat each others wet pussy and finger blasting those sexy holes until they cum on each other fingers and faces. Enjoy
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Family Strokes - Marie Mccray

Marie Mccray – Stretching Your Stepmom
Added: January 06, 2017

Alexs parents have really taken notice to how in shape hes been getting. His dad insisted he take his stepmom Marie out with him, since shes been into fitness lately also. Marie got her booty into some active clothes, and went for run. She lagged behind slightly, just to get a better view of Alexs tight butt. When the run was completed, it was time for the post workout stretch! Alex took his step mommy inside and guided her through the stretches. As alex pushed her leg back, he noticed there was a rip in her leggings, right in front of her pussy too! Alex figured this to be the perfect opportunity to stretch her stepcunt out. He whipped out his throbbing cock and placed it in his stepmother. Marie loved every second of it, until her dumb husband interrupted. Luckily from a distance, it looked like they were just up to some innocent stretches! After working his mommys pussy out to the extreme, Alex gave her what any woman wants after a heated work out. Some refreshing liquid to cool them down! Facial style of course 😉 .
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