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Nuru Massage – Judy Jolie

Judy Jolie – Catching The Babysitter
Added: October 03, 2018

It’s been a quiet night for Judy Jolie in her clients’ family living room. She soon becomes bored and starts snooping around, curious about the family’s bedroom. Once there, she finds an inflatable mattress and weird massage equipment, including a bottle of something called ‘Nuru Gel.’ She’s never heard of that before!

Meanwhile, Derrick Pierce returns home from a business trip, but doesn’t see the babysitter. He soon finds Judy in their bedroom. Judy is startled since she wasn’t expecting him home so soon. He scolds her, but she distracts him by picking up the Nuru gel and asking him what it is. Her distraction works as he answers that his wife got really into this fad called Nuru massages. Judy says she’s curious and would like to try a massage on Derrick. Derrick is reluctant, saying that it’s not just a regular massage, and it’s definitely not appropriate for them to do it together. However, Judy persists, insisting that he must be so tired from travelling. A massage would do him good! After some reluctance, Derrick agrees to the massage, as long as Judy doesn’t tell the wife.

Derrick guides Judy through the sensual NURU experience, trying to keep things innocent, although he can’t resist the babysitter’s tight body and charms for long. As soon as Judy puts her hot mouth around his dick, Derrick is done for. Now that she has him under her spell, Judy slides his dick into her tight pussy to give him the full body massage experience. Suddenly, thoughts of the wife arefar from Derrick’s mind!
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Club Seventeen – Judy Jolie

Judy Jolie – Hot college girl fucked by her teacher
Added: September 29, 2018

Judy Jolie is setting up a dinner date with a friend when she notices a guy on a bench. Could that be a teacher she had a crush on during her freshman year? Much to her surprise, it actually is him. They talk and she finds out that he’s no longer a teacher. That means it’s okay for her to put the moves on him. They go back to his house and that’s when the sparks fly. He might be an older guy, but there’s no stopping him. Taming a teen pussy is easy work when the guy has a cock as big as his is. Judy has only been out of school for a little over a year and a half. No doubt fucking her teacher brought back plenty of great memories from all those years spent in high school. » watch the full HD video!
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Web Young – Joseline Kelly And Judy Jolie

Joseline Kelly And Judy Jolie – Rhythm Is A Dancer
Added: September 21, 2018

Joseline Kelly is busy enjoying some ‘alone time’ in her bedroom, lost in her own world as she pleases herself while watching a video on her cellphone. She is clearly on a mission to push herself into orgasmic bliss. Meanwhile, Judy Jolie returns home with an armful of books, calling out to her mom, but doesn’t get a response. Joseline thinks she hears something through her haze but dismisses it and gets right back to having fun, unaware that her step-sister’s home. Thinking that she has the house to herself, a pleased Judy puts on her headphones, then practices her steamy moves in front of a full-length mirror. She even strips down as she sensually performs for no one else’s eyes but her own. Joseline, done with pleasuring herself for the time being, leaves her bedroom and catches her step-sister dancing seductively and silently in front of the mirror. She’s unable to resist the tantalizing sight as her hand wanders down her own body while Judy continues to dance, oblivious to her sister’s hungry gaze. Joseline then makes her presence known by sneaking up behind Judy and brushing her hips. Judy is surprised and embarrassed, although the shyness quickly fades as she exchanges heated gazes and touches with her sister. Joseline comments that she had no idea that her step-sister was so hot and all grown up. Judy playfully responses with, ‘This is embarrassing, but maybe I’m not your little step-sister anymore…’ The two sisters are unable to hide their passion for each other any longer as flirty touches turn into something much more.
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New Sensations – Judy Jolie

Judy Jolie – Judy Fantasizes About Her Older Brother
Added: July 23, 2018

Judy was ecstatic about her older step brother Damon coming home from college. She noticed right away some things have changed for the better and found herself wet for his cock. She finally finds herself getting fucked from behind in the hallway and chocking on his meat for a creamy ending, but i think that was all fantasy.
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This Girl Sucks - Judy Jolie

Judy Jolie – Taste The Tip
Added: September 28, 2017

When it comes to sucking cock, Judy Jolie does it for the taste! It makes her pussy quiver and mouth feel magical. Watch this girl completely devour our boys huge dick for dinner, then slurp down his cum for dessert. Delicious!
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My Sister's Hot Friend - Judy Jolie

Judy Jolie – My Sister’s Hot Friend
Added: August 16, 2017

Mike always thought his sister had a little fling going on with her personal trainer, Judy Jolie. But when she comes over to the house to hang out with his sister, Mike discovers that they’re actually just friends…AND she’s super hot! It’s oh-so convenient that Mike’s sister has to run off to help their grandma real quick, and that Judy has never ever seen a record played on a record player. She’s in luck, collecting records is Mike’s greatest hobby! He throws down some vinyl for her, and all sexy Judy wants to do is dance, dance, dance! Not just that, but she wants to dance all over Mike’s dick!
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