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Tag: Judy Jolie

This Girl Sucks - Judy Jolie

Judy Jolie – Taste The Tip
Added: September 28, 2017

When it comes to sucking cock, Judy Jolie does it for the taste! It makes her pussy quiver and mouth feel magical. Watch this girl completely devour our boys huge dick for dinner, then slurp down his cum for dessert. Delicious!
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My Sister's Hot Friend - Judy Jolie

Judy Jolie – My Sister’s Hot Friend
Added: August 16, 2017

Mike always thought his sister had a little fling going on with her personal trainer, Judy Jolie. But when she comes over to the house to hang out with his sister, Mike discovers that they’re actually just friends…AND she’s super hot! It’s oh-so convenient that Mike’s sister has to run off to help their grandma real quick, and that Judy has never ever seen a record played on a record player. She’s in luck, collecting records is Mike’s greatest hobby! He throws down some vinyl for her, and all sexy Judy wants to do is dance, dance, dance! Not just that, but she wants to dance all over Mike’s dick!
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