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Confessions.XXX - Jill Kassidy

Jill Kassidy – I’m In Love with a Pornstar
Added: November 10, 2017

Jill Kassidy has always liked watching porn and has a real crush for Danny Mountain and that sexy British accent of his. She would do anything just to have him pay her a visit so she can show him all the things she learned while watching him throughout his career. Jill is shocked when Danny appears in the doorway giving her the ultimate visit. Jill eagerly takes his beautiful hard cock working it every way he desires letting him fuck that shaved pussy hard. Jill can not believe this is happening and loves that he was everything and more than she imagined!
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ATK Girlfriends - Jill Kassidy

Jill Kassidy – Jill really liked the road to Hana, and you liked your dick sucked
Added: September 12, 2017

Jill enjoys feeding the birds and hiking to the different waterfalls and beautiful beaches. What’s even more beautiful is watching Jill unzip your pants to stuff her mouth with your cock. Too bad people were coming or else you would have totally fucked her right there. When you get back you spend the rest of the day with Jill at the nude beach just counting down the minutes until you can finish what got started on the road.
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Digital Playground - Jill Kassidy & Krissy Lynn

Jill Kassidy & Krissy Lynn – Testing My Son’s New Girlfriend
Added: August 29, 2017

A good mother is always looking out for her son. And when it comes to breaking in a new girlfriend, who could be a better teacher than mommy?
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Nubiles - Jill Kassidy

Jill Kassidy – Vibe Orgasm
Added: August 28, 2017

Tanned coed Jill Kassidy shows off her bubble butt in tight panties and her small boobs in a bra. This cute American is super flexible, and her soft bare pussy is wet and ready for a masturbation party with her magic fingers and a vibrating dildo that keeps her moaning.
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Nubiles - Jill Kassidy

Jill Kassidy – Fun With Jill
Added: August 25, 2017

Lusty student Jill Kassidy has a big butt that begs to be smacked and shaped, and a set of all natural titties that you’ll have to see to believe. Watch as this big areola cutie peels off her thong and poses so you can see her feet and slippery bald snatch!
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Nubiles - Jill Kassidy

Jill Kassidy – Better With Toys
Added: August 23, 2017

Jill Kassidy is the type of sun kissed hottie that you dream of. This delectable 20 year old isn’t shy about showing off her small boobs and hot rump as she gets naked. When she spreads her legs and uses a dildo to pleasure her juicy shaved pussy, her orgasmic moans will leave you wanting more!
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X-Art - Jill Kassidy

Jill Kassidy – Welcome To The Jungle
Added: August 21, 2017

Welcome to the jungle…it gets hotter here every day! Especially when you have gorgeous, petite stunning Jill (who loves sex and loves to please). This video kind of makes me laugh (before I get turned on). I imagine it’s because this is what I see: Little, cute Jill cruising the jungle in my hooded bathrobe. Kind of aimlessly looking for something and carrying a picnic basket like in little Red Riding Hood. Then all of a sudden she sees James, the wolf, and as soon as their eyes lock she is in heat. Like a super power penis seeking missile. She could climb trees or do all kinds of Hunger Games shit to get his giant throbbing cock into her tight and soaking wet pussy. Now this next part might be because my dogs are in heat and I keep having to watch them humping for hours on end, but I see James and Jill going at it with such passion you’d have to turn the hose on them to get his huge dick from the death grip Jills pussy has on it. Finally they both orgasm! Finally! And the fairytale is all over her face. They lay on the soft bed of greens and snuggle through the night. Remember there are animals in the jungle, all kinds. xxoo love, Colette
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ATK Girlfriends - Jill Kassidy

Jill Kassidy – You fuck that little pussy until it’s filled with cum
Added: August 13, 2017

Jill wants to feel your cock in her mouth. She slurps on it until she’s ready for it to enter her pussy – doggy style. Now Jill is nice enough to continue showing you her ass in reverse cowgirl. Her facial expressions are so sexy when you penetrate her deep. Jill has a beautiful smile when you cum inside of her.
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Swallowed - Jill Kassidy & Jillian Janson

Jill Kassidy & Jillian Janson – Jillian And Jill Let The Drool Spill
Added: August 04, 2017

Tall, slender babe Jillian Janson and tanned, Texas hottie Jill Kassidy are hungry for cock. The girls dive right into this saliva-soaked, dick-slurping threesome, passionately making out while getting their asses tongue-fucked. After deep-throating and gagging on the director’s hard tool, the little vixens share a load of sperm between their hungry mouths.
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Sins Life - Jill Kassidy

Jill Kassidy – Sins Sex Tour Jill Kassidy
Added: July 31, 2017

The Sins Sex Tour is back! We moved into our new place in Vegas and couldn’t wait to invite the sweetest girl in porn over Jill Kassidy!!! This beautiful blue eyed slut may be the sweetest girl in porn but she can get dirty and take Johnny’s huge dick!
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Nubile Films - Jill Kassidy & Harley Jameson

Jill Kassidy & Harley Jameson – Candy Kisses
Added: July 31, 2017

Harley Jameseon and Jill Kassidy are having a girlfriend date where they paint their nails and take plenty of selfies. Side by side in their lingerie and thongs, they read magazines and play with licorice. Their play turns sensual as they run the tip of the confection over each other’s tits and then share a piece as they each nibble on opposite ends. Crawling into bed together, they act like they’re going to take a nap, but Harley has a better idea. She leans forward and kisses Jill’s neck, an invitation that Jill is happy to accept. Soon the girls are making out as they caress their soft hands all over each other’s warm, tight bodies. Taking the initiative even further, Harley helps Jill to pull her nightie up and her thong off. Once her lover’s twat is exposed, she leans forward to take a small lick at Jill’s slit. Loving the musky flavor, Harley dives in for a longer, deeper taste. Harley’s pussy feast is interrupted when it becomes clear that Jill wants to have a turn at driving her girlfriend wild. She pulls Harley’s nigtie down to expose Harley’s soft perky breasts, and makes sure to give them the attention they deserve with her warm hands and sweet mouth. Then she urges Harley to turn around and lean forward, a position that exposes the creamy wonder of Harley’s snatch. Spreading Harley’s ass cheeks apart a bit, Jill laps away at her lover’s bare slit. The long, slow strokes of her tongue serve to whet Harley’s appetite even further. Doubling down on her girlfriend’s pleasure, Jill stiffens her tongue to prod at the heart of Harley’s joy. Laying down on the bed, Jill pulls Harley backwards until her twat is poised perfectly to continue licking and suckling. The new position lets Harley lean forward to bury her face and fingers between Jill’s legs. The horny 69 continues until both girls are on the edge of cumming. When they’re both locked and loaded, they adjust their positions so that they are pressed pussy to pussy in a scissoring fuck that finally leaves them each satisfied with deep orgasmic bliss.
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ATK Girlfriends – Jill Kassidy

Jill Kassidy – Before going to bed you had a little time for a BJHJFJ
Added: July 25, 2017

Jill had a great time at the luau with you, and she really wants to fuck you but will save it for tomorrow. Right now she wants to get you off so you can rest. Jill sucks your hard cock then rubs it with her feet. Jill looks so hot with her legs to the side and her feet next to your cock ready to take the hot cum.
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Web Young – Elsa Jean & Jill Kassidy

Elsa Jean & Jill Kassidy – Call Me My Sisters Name
Added: July 24, 2017

Teen Elsa Jean knocks on her sister’s girlfriend Jill Kassidy’s door while she’s masturbating, Jill tries to get the annoying girl to leave, but Elsa mistakenly thinks Jill is sad because Carter Cruise is away. Elsa misses her sister so much she hurls herself at Jill. Jill comforts the tiny blond, but then Elsa asks her to pretend she’s Carter and call her by her sister’s name. Jill outright refuses, and would like to get back to her business, but Elsa likes her idea so much, she becomes obsessed. Jill can’t convince Elsa to leave before Elsa takes her top off and parades her little boobs in front of Jill’s face. She finagles Jill’s top off and sucks on her nipples while the teen brunette grapples with the wrongness of the situation. She doesn’t want to cheat on Carter, but she’s so horny from playing with her pussy. She lets Elsa pull off her pants and caresses her body all over, especially the warm wet spot between her legs. Sworn to secrecy, Elsa takes off Jill’s panties and licks her slit, Just then, Carter calls to talk to Jill, and wants to know if she’s horny! Jill lies and says she isn’t, making her girlfriend suspicious about her behavior. She gets off the phone without ruining her relationship. Elsa makes Jill cum, but Jill cries out Carter’s name as she’s cumming. Elsa centers her teen pussy over Jill’s. She leans forward for leverage and rocks her hips, tribbing the cum from them both. Then she perches over Jill’s face and rides her tongue, before rimming Jill’s asshole. Jill reciprocates on Elsa ass till Elsa releases her orgasm!
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Jules Jordan – Jill Kassidy

Jill Kassidy – POV, Young Babe Gets Her Daily Facial From Manuel
Added: July 14, 2017

Sexy Spinner Jill Kassidy takes on Manuel’s huge cock in this POV. Jill’s got it all going on, tight body, perky tits, and a nice round ass you never want to let go of. Manuel has definitely got his hands full with this little firecracker. She comes down the stairs pouting that Manuel’s not ready for her, she’s been a good girl and wants her present right away. Jill teases, taking off her red bikini top and pulling her tight jean shorts to the side to show us her tiny pink pussy. She sucks Manuel’s cock until he’s nice, hard, and lubed up so she can slide it right into her waiting pussy. She rides that cock like it’s her job and gets rewarded with a sloppy facial.
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Hot And Mean – Anna De Ville & Jill Kassidy

Anna De Ville & Jill Kassidy – Summer Camp Secrets
Added: June 20, 2017

Jill Kassidy is away at summer camp and misses her boyfriend, but at least she has a sexy bunk mate to stare at. Anna has no idea this sweet and seemingly straight girl has the hots for her, she’s too busy having fun and pranking the other campers. But one hot summer day Anna steals Jill’s letter to her boyfriend and figures out her little crush! Anna refuses to give back the letter unless Jill licks her pussy, an offer Jill can’t pass up. Once Anna orgasms she’s off to the beach, leaving Jill wet, horny and aching for oral. She’ll get her wish when Anna comes back and catches Jill snuggling with her panties! These girls are going to have naughty fun all summer long.
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