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Tonights Girlfriend - Jenna Reid

Tonights Girlfriend – Jenna Reid
Added: February 10, 2018

I have this fantasy of porn star Jenna Reid dressing up as a schoolgirl – the plaid skirt, the white blouse. Well, tonight I’m going to realize that fantasy right here in my hotel suite. I’ve paid for Jenna to be mine for the night. She’s going to be the naughty schoolgirl, and I’m going to be the bad, bad professor.
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My Sisters Hot Friend - Jenna Reid

Jenna Reid – My Sisters Hot Friend
Added: February 09, 2018

Size queens: you can’t live with them, you can’t make your dick grow bigger without surgery. Jenna Reid’s boyfriend is SOL because he hasn’t been giving her any dick lately, but also because he’s got a dinky winky that doesn’t really please her anyway. And when Jenna’s friend’s brother and roommate Bruce basically overhears her conversation with her bf on the phone, he gets a BIG idea. His sister isn’t home, so he figures there’s no harm in consoling Jenna…especially with his massive cock! Because when she learns that his ex-girlfriend split with him because his dick was too big for her pussy, Jenna wants him to split her right open! She pulls Bruce’s bad boy out and is enamored of what has fallen into her lap, mouth and pussy!
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Teen Fidelity – Jenna Reid

Jenna Reid – Nerd Girls #7
Added: March 22, 2017

HER FIRST CREAMPIE! As Jenna wakes up and is ready to start working at her desk in their studio apartment, Ryan decides to jerk off while she’s busy. Well she’s not having any of that and decides to help him out. They fuck in front of the monitors as porn plays before Ryan takes her back to the bed to fill her pussy up with multiple loads.
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Erotic Encounters # 2

Added: November 30, 2016

Cast: Jenna Reid, Shyla Jennings, Marica Hase, Stella Cox, Adria Rae
Four couples expand their erotic adventurism in these sensual yet scorching tales. A Japanese exchange student demonstrates some odd cultural erotic hab-its. A woman gives in to her urges for an intimate encounter with another woman. Another woman recalls the time she was seduced by a French chef baking pasties that lead to a delectable sexual recipe. And a man gave his lovely wife the gift of enjoying two men at the same time.
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EroticaX - Jenna Reid

Jenna Reid – Once A Chef
Added: October 15, 2016

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Tiny 4k - Jenna Reid

Jenna Reid – Shower Toys
Added: September 22, 2016

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My Daughter's Hot Friend - Jenna Reid

My Daughter’s Hot Friend – Jenna Reid
Added: September 17, 2016

Jenna Reid stops by to get her friend’s dad to donate to her sorority . While there she finds her friend’s mom’s vibrator and her friend’s dad shows her exactly how to use it.
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Teens Like It Big - Jenna Reid

Jenna Reid – Double Dare
Added: August 14, 2016

Tight teens Jenna and Maya play a hot game of truth or dare with their boyfriends. It starts off innocent, but each player quickly learns the others are willing to do anything for a dare, and it takes a quick sexual turn until a four-way romp ensues.
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Hot And Mean - Sandy Fantasy, Jenna Reid

Sandy Fantasy, Jenna Reid – The Kissing Booth
Added: July 24, 2016

A young girl, Jenna Reid, sets up a kissing booth on the corner of the street to try and raise money for her cheer-leading squad to go to nationals. She stands there in her cheer-leading outfit with no luck. A neighbor, Sandy Fantasy, comes out to inspect the situation. She begins giving money for kisses and Jenna quickly gets herself into a steamy situation. After being lead into Sandy’s house, Jenna has not other option but to accept Ms. Fantasy’s generous offer to pay for her trip to nationals–with sexy conditions of course!
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Tiny 4k - Jenna Reid

Jenna Reid – Beat The Heat
Added: July 16, 2016

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Punish Teens – Jenna Reid

Jenna Reid – Punish Teens
Added: July 12, 2016

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Innocent High - Jenna Reid

Jenna Reid – Bad Chemistry = Great Sex
Added: June 07, 2016

Jenna had to stay after school to fulfill some extra credit for her chemistry class. Mr. Gunn is not too thrilled since he had other things he would rather be doing, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. He reminds Jenna throughout her project to make sure she is paying attention to the labels, or else something terrible could happen! Jenna of course does the exact opposite and causes a mini explosion. Luckily, Mr. Gunn rushes straight to the rescue. He instructs Jenna to immediately take off her cloths because the chemicals she was working with were super caustic and could possibly cause chemical burns. She strips down to her birthday suit, and once Mr. Gunn gets a look at Jennas hot body, he has an idea. Since her extra credit was pretty much ruined form this explosion, maybe if she blows him and lets him fuck her she can get that extra A she needs oh so bad. CLASS IS IN SESSION! Jenna drops down to her knees like a good little slut and gives Mr. Gunns Cock a saliva filled rubdown which did wonders for the immense stress he has from teaching chemistry all day. Then Jenna relaxes her tight teen pussy and allows it to ride her teacher all up on his desk. All that pre cum and pussy juice might cause a chemical reaction of blissful proportions hehe. Jenna makes sure to have her safety goggles on before she gets jizzed on, safety first! Now if only she could learn to read the warning labels on her chemicals…
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FootFetishDaily - Jenna Reid

Jenna Reid – Hardcore
Added: June 04, 2016

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POVD – Jenna Reid

Jenna Reid – Poolside Desire
Added: May 27, 2016

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ATK Girlfriends – Jenna Reid

Jenna Reid – ATK Girlfriends
Added: May 12, 2016

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