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ATK Girlfriends - Gia Paige

Gia Paige – All that beautiful art got her in the mood for a creampie
Added: January 03, 2017

It took 50 years to build the beautiful Château de Versailles in Paris, and it seemed to take about that long to walk through it too. Definitely was worth it because everything was so beautiful, and all that art got Gia in the mood for some anal sex back at the room. She crawls to your cock to worship it then rides you hard. Once her ass is in motion you can’t stop it! You finally shoot your load right inside of her deep pussy.
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Nubile Films - Dim The Lights

Gia Paige – Dim The Lights
Added: December 22, 2016

Delectable Gia Paige can’t keep her hands off her small boobs as she waits for Preston Parker to join her in the loft. Lifting her shirt, she reaches down to smack her own ass and caress her mound beneath her thong. Soon she is on the ottoman rubbing her landing strip pussy and working herself towards the climax she deserves. When Preston walks in and finds Gia in the throes of passion, he joins her and offers to give her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams, an offer that Gia accepts with a long kiss. Preston gets started by leaning forward to feast on Gia’s greedy puss as she holds her thong to the side. He takes his time undressing her, and once she is nude he slips his hand between her thighs so that he can caress her into an even more fervent sexual frenzy before going back to his oral ministrations. Gia could let Preston go on forever, but she wants to do some work with her mouth, too! Crouching down, Gia finally makes her wish come true as she takes Preston’s stiffie between her lips and starts sucking, Just as he did to her, Gia gradually gets Preston naked. Then she lays him down on the ottoman so that she can continue to use her soft lips and tender hands to pleasure his fuck stick. Climbing on top of Preston and straddling him, Gia slowly glides her dripping twat down onto his dick. She rides him slowly at first, but once she turns around and gives him the view of her rump she starts working her hips in earnest. Preston loves every moment of it as he massages Gia’s ass while she rides him hard. Getting onto her knees, Gia offers herself up to Preston so that he is in a position of power behind her. She can’t contain her moans of excitement as her man delivers the pussy pounding she’s been dreaming of, nor can she stop from crying out as she cums from the delightful friction. Flipping onto her back, Gia lets Preston bring her to another quick climax before he pulls out and covers her small boobs and flat belly with the evidence of his passion.
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Sis Loves Me – Gia Paige

Gia Paige – Struggling With A Step Cock
Added: December 21, 2016

Gia has been struggling with her homework alot lately. Good thing stepbro noticed and decided to investigate. It turns out Gia just doesnt understand the material, and is not getting anywhere with it no matter how hard she tries. She decides to ask stepbro to do it, but he isnt about it. She then tries to seduce him by dropping some pens on the floor to expose her ass a little. Gia can see hes aroused, then grabs his bulge. She then unzips him, sucks him off good, swallows his cum, and thanks him for being the best stepbrother ever! The next day Gia and her stepbro are watching some basketball and making some friendly bets on whats gonna happen. Gia keeps losing, and eventually gets super deep into a hole of debt. Gia confesses she doesnt have the money, and stepbro is slightly pissed but decides to cut her a break. He offers to forget the debt if she gives him a massage. Sounds like a good deal to us! Gia starts to massage, then stepbro gets a boner. What a perv! He goes even further and asks gia to help him get rid of it. Gia literally had no choice, so she ended up blowing his cock again until all debts were settled Wink. At this point, stepbro couldnt get enough of his sweet stepsister and decided to set up a hidden camera in her bathroom. Boy did stepbro hit the jackpot! He picked the day Gia went to masturbate. She was really going in, until she spotted the camera! Stepbro busts into the bathroom and tries to fix the situation. He admits how much he has been obsessing over her, and needs one last taste. Gia decides to let him fuck her in hopes that it will make him stop being such a creepy perv. Only time will tell!
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Erotica X – Gia Paige & Karter Foxxx

Gia Paige & Karter Foxxx – Sweethearts
Added: December 17, 2016

Karter is crazy in love with Damon Dice, and she decides to surprise him with her girlfriend who is actually an old girlfriend of Damon’s too! Seeing as they both have the same taste in men, things go from sweet fun to red hot action! They show him how wild they can be and they switch things up for some girly action.
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Twistys Hard – Jojo Kiss & Gia Paige

Jojo Kiss & Gia Paige – Pleasant Surprise
Added: December 13, 2016

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Twistys Hard - Pleasant Surprise

Gia Paige, Jojo Kiss – Pleasant Surprise
Added: December 05, 2016

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ATK Girlfriends – Gia Paige

Gia Paige – She loves it when you cum in her hands
Added: November 21, 2016

After you enjoy a romantic stroll with Gia you end up in front of Buckingham Palace. It looks amazing up close and of course Paddington gets a few photos shot there as well. Later you end up in a museum., where you and Gia both wonder how some of the art ended up there. When you finally make it back to the room you Gia wants to make you cum. She sucks your cock while you finger her pussy. You finally stick it insider her doggy style.. Gia’s moans are very sexy. Gia is ready to feel your hot cum in her hands.
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ATK Girlfriends – Gia Paige

Gia Paige – Paddington goes to Oxford, and then you creampie Gia
Added: November 13, 2016

You’re off to Oxford with Gia and her Paddington bear. She shoots a million photos of him during your tour. It’s so fun holding her hand on the romantic boat ride while you enjoy the visuals of the beautiful university. The next morning Gia wakes up with her bear under her arm. She’s so happy to be with you in London, and wants to make this morning special. After you caress her body she sucks on your cock. Her big beautiful ass sways and jiggles all over the place when she’s grinding her pussy on you in reverse cowgirl. When you’r ready to dump your load, Gia begs or a creampie.
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ATK Girlfriends – Gia Paige

Gia Paige – Gia takes a creampie after visiting Hengestone
Added: November 07, 2016

Gia loves the Paddington bear you bought her. She’s going to take as many photos with it as she can. You’re on your way to the mysterious Stonehenge! Of course when you get there Gia shoots a few photos of her new teddy bear. After you both saw Matilda, Gia wants to return the favor. After you eat her pussy and she sucks your cock, it goes right into her pussy doggy style. When she’s riding your cock in reverse cowgirl Gia sways her ass side to side to really feel your cock against the walls of her pussy. Now that she’s ready for your cum, you deliver inside her pussy.
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Mommy’s Girl – Julia Ann, Molly Mae & Gia Paige

Julia Ann, Molly Mae & Gia Paige – Stop Fucking My Friends – Part Two
Added: November 06, 2016

After catching her stepmom Julia Ann fucking her best friend Molly Mae, Gia Paige confronts the lesbians post coitus and isn’t thrilled to hear them criticize her for being a killjoy who needs to loosen up. Gia just wants Julia to be loyal to her daddy, and to stop fucking her friends! Julia is happy that Gia is being more communicative, at least. With Molly on Julia’s side, Gia opens up to the possibility that Julia isn’t so bad, and that maybe she has a point about having more fun. And just like that, the lesbian MILF seduces the nubile teens into a threesome, cradling her naked stepdaughter in her lap, while Molly makes them cum with her tongue.
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ATK Girlfriends – Gia Paige

Gia Paige – You get a big hug for taking her to the museum and you creampie her
Added: November 02, 2016

You get a big hug in the hotel room before heading out to the Natural History Museum. You spent a long time walking with Gia so when you get back she’s more than ready for a shower and a good fuck. Gia’s mouth slurps on you then she leans back to take your tongue. In reverse cowgirl her huge ass unstoppable once her pussy pounces on your cock. Gia’s sexy moans want you to creampie her pussy.
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All Girl Massage – Celeste Star & Gia Paige

Celeste Star & Gia Paige – Pornstar Fangirl
Added: November 01, 2016

While awaiting her next massage client, lesbian Gia Paige watches porn videos wishing she could meet girls as hot as these pornstars. She almost creams her pants when pornstar Celeste Star walks in. Gia is a huge fan of her work and fawns over Celeste like an innocent schoolgirl. As the girls get acquainted, Celeste denies that she’s a pornstar and claims to be a model, so Gia denies her a towel, claiming they’re all in the wash. As the flustered fangirl gets more and more turned on from touching Celeste’s fine ass, she starts to probe her with questions. Until lesbian Gia can’t resist the sweet slit of her pussy and begins to probe her with her fingers. Soon the pornstar’s pussy is so stimulated she can hardly keep her mouth away from Gia’s pussy. The girls clutch each other, licking and grinding their lesbian pussies together, desperate to cum as they ride out the most powerful orgasms!
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New Sensations – Gia Paige

Gia Paige – Serving Up A Perfect Day
Added: October 28, 2016

Pretty little doll Gia Paige is always ready to make James happy with his favorite part of the day, dressed up for his satisfaction. After bathing she is ready to suck clean his cock and give him her tight love for every ounce of happiness.
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The Innocence Of Youth # 9

Added: October 26, 2016

Cast: Kimmy Granger, Aurora Belle, Kylie Quinn, Gia Paige, Chad White, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar, James Deen
The innocence of youth never looked this sweet! It’s Kimmy Granger, Aurora Belle, Kylie Quinn and Gia Paige, and they’re about to let their sexual urges get the best of them. With the help of strong and powerful cock, watch these cuties unleash their sexuality and bang out their innermost desires!
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Share My BF - Gia Paige

Gia Paige – Gia Paige and Marsha May Get Plowed
Added: October 15, 2016

Cheating on your GF with your roommate is usually a recipe for disaster, but when you’re dealing with Gia Paige and Marsha May, it can only lead to fun. Instead of freaking out, Gia decides to put her big ass to work in her very first threesome.
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