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Tag: Elena Koshka

Teen Fidelity - Elena Koshka

E315 – Elena Koshka – Chesters Living Doll
Added: April 26, 2018

Elena has been in the psychological observation ward for a while. Under the watchful, lustful eyes of Chester. In his quest to fix his old, unworking cock, he’s developed a formula that will allow Elena to consent to sexual advances. With his nurse Jake’s help, Chester begins his human trials of the new medication.
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New Sensations - Elena Koshka

Elena Koshka – Elena Loves Her Husband To Watch
Added: February 07, 2018

Elena seductively describes her wonderful night fucking another man with her husband while they lie in bed this morning. She was happy to see him so turned on, as Toni was inside her, bringing her to an incredible orgasm. Now that Toni has awaken they might as well go for another session of hot fucking while her husband watches.
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Tushy - Elena Koshka

Elena Koshka – I Only Gape For You
Added: February 06, 2018

As painful as it may be, Elena has made the decision to leave her man. His is her manager and her boyfriend and has helped her become a famous model after discovering her at a small café. But now it is time to spread her wings without him. She knows she owes him everything, and when he becomes upset, she knows exactly how to repay him. She arrives at his house with a surprise in store, and it’s something that only he will have ever experienced.
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Tonights Girlfriend - Elena Koshka

Elena Koshka – Tonights Girlfriend
Added: January 27, 2018

I love a girl with whom I can just be intimate. Someone that will take things nice and slow, feeling each other out into the comfort of our naked bodies. The tall, statuesque Elena Koshka, with her striking eyes, fits this perfectly for me. And now she’s in my hotel room for the night.
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Pure Taboo - Elena Koshka

Elena Koshka – The Allowance
Added: October 10, 2017

A beautiful but naive girl (Elena Koshka) lets her boyfriend talk her into posting suggestive photos online to find a sugar daddy, believing this will fund their dream of moving in together. The girl begins correspondence with a wealthy older man (Derrick Pierce). He wants her to call him Daddy, and in exchange, he provides her with an allowance. The couple’s plan is working, and it’s bringing them closer to their financial goals. The boyfriend helps to gradually push the girl out of her comfort zone…
At first, she only exchanges photos and messages with the man, but soon he asks to meet in person. She nervously prepares for the night, encouraged by her boyfriend to dress provocatively. Once the girl meets her sugar daddy face to face, he offers her an exorbitant sum to have sex with him. Stifling her tears, the innocent teen excuses herself to the bathroom. She calls her boyfriend and breaks down crying as she tells him she’s been asked to cheat. Rather than react with jealousy, he tells her to do it, especially once he receives the transfer of funds. The girl dries her eyes and returns to the man who pays her allowance… letting him do whatever he wants to her, as per the agreement.
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Erotica X - Violet Starr & Elena Koshka

Violet Starr & Elena Koshka – Take My Husband
Added: October 04, 2017

After staying with an adorable couple at a bed & breakfast in Southern California for a few days, Violet decides to give them something special as a thank you for their hospitality and friendship — herself! They eagerly accept and soon the three of them are making love, Violet going from hard rod to soft pussy and getting her fill of a man and a woman at the same time. It’s the perfect ending to a perfect vacation.
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Twistys Hard - Elena Koshka

Elena Koshka – Flying Fuck
Added: September 25, 2017

Elena Koshka
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ATK Girlfriends - Elena Koshka

Elena Koshka – You make her squirt and she makes you cum in her pussy
Added: September 25, 2017

Elena is trying on a bathing suit, but before she can finish your finger is pressed up against her pussy. As you fuck her ass takes your finger. Elena is so hot for you that she squirts all over the place. Her pussy is so wet right now, and she’s about to get a creampie.
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X-Art - Kenna & Elena Koshka

Kenna & Elena Koshka – Fucking Hippie Chicks
Added: September 02, 2017

Elena and Kenna are arguably the most gorgeous girls in Erotic modeling. Both could be supermodels and have the personalities of hippie angels. So it’s no wonder that when they touch each other’s velvety soft skin and wrap their long legs around each other the temperature in the room heats up. Watch as your two favorite girls get each other off over and over. And if you pay close attention you might even learn something. xxoo Love, Colette
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X-Art - Elena Koshka

Elena Koshka – Pure Gold
Added: August 25, 2017

She has Gorgeous baby blue eyes, unbelievable full, kissable lips (yum) and super long model legs, on a slender, best described as feline body. Her come hither look will mesmerize anyone in an instant. This high end fashion princess is a vegan, with a fun and goofy personality and she REALLY likes that YOU have as good a time or better than she does. She is not happy unless you are turned on and feeling good. For instance she thought the solo needed a little more so she took out her jeweled anal toy and showed everyone how to have double orgasms. I can’t say enough nice things about this stunner, who is a sweet friend, loves people, sex and lives to laugh. But I can promise you this video will only make you laugh if you do that while cumming in your pants! XOXO, Love, Colette (& Elena)
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Nubile Films - Elena Koshka & Sierra Nicole

Elena Koshka & Sierra Nicole – Girls Will Be Girls
Added: August 21, 2017

When Sierra Nicole finds Elena Koshka sleeping in just a bra and thong, she couldn’t ask for a hotter sight. She can’t keep her hands off her girlfriend, so she decides to let in the light for a gentle good morning. When Elena playfully throws a pillow at Sierra, the girls have a brief pillow fight that turns sexy as they start kissing. Peeling off Sierra’s bra between kisses, Elena cups her lover’s small breasts and pinches her hard nipples. She drops to her knees, pressing her mouth to the bounty of Sierra’s chest…
Only after Elena has enjoyed her tittie feast does Sierra return the favor, revealing Elena’s puffy nipple breasts and tantalizing them. When Elena pushes Sierra back onto the bed and slips her thong off, the blonde raises her hips in an entreaty for the pleasure she knows is coming. Elena delivers, rubbing her thumb up and down Sierra’s slippery slit. When she leans forward to put her lips and tongue to work, Sierra can’t contain her moans of excitement. That only causes Elena to double down on Sierra’s pleasure, using two hands to simultaneously finger bang Sierra’s twat while fondling her clit. Once she’s certain that she has temporarily satisfied Sierra, Elena slips out of her own thong and then climbs onto her lover’s face. Positioning her fuck hole carefully, she thrusts her hips in time with the movements of Sierra’s obliging tongue. The delectable pussy feast continues until Elena switches spots with Sierra and lays down on the bed. Once Sierra is on her knees in a position of power, she presses two fingers deep into Elena’s snatch. Curling her fingers in a come-here motion, she hits Elena’s g-spot again and again. With every flick of Sierra’s wrist, Elena’s gasps of excitement grow louder until her whole body is throbbing with excitement. Although both girls have enjoyed a taste of orgasmic heaven, they’re not quite done yet. Sitting so that they face each other, they scoot forward with their legs spread until they are pressed pussy to pussy. Scissoring together with their hips working in a sinuous motion that is mutually pleasurable, they bring each other off once again until they fall to the side, sated and ready to cuddle.
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Jules Jordan - Elena Koshka

Elena Koshka – POV, Sexy Russian Grinds Her Tight Pussy On Manuels Cock
Added: August 20, 2017

Elena Koshka is quickly making a name for herself as the go-to slut when you need a good fucking. This Russian beauty’s got everything you could want, tight body, perky tits, firm ass, and great set of dick sucking lips. Elena’s wearing a tiny bathing suit and some hot body jewelry as she shows off that body by the pool. Manuel wastes no time getting her out of those clothes and servicing his cock. Watching this tiny whore suck on a huge cock with ease is a sight to see, but it only gets better when she jumps on top of that dick and takes it balls deep. Manuel flips her over for some hot doggy style action before shooting his load all over her pretty face.
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ATK Girlfriends - Elena Koshka

Elena Koshka – You fucked her in the ass and came in her pussy
Added: August 18, 2017

Elena enters the room skipping towards the bed because she’s so happy to see you. Elena does a great job of getting your cock hard while she smokes a cigarette. She’s so hot for you that after you fuck her she lets you enter her ass doggy style. Elena’s moans are so sexy and genuine when she begs to be filled up with your cum.
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X-Art - Kenna James & Elena Koshka

Kenna James & Elena Koshka – Sex For Three By The Sea
Added: July 31, 2017

Have you ever imagined two of your best girlfriends floating in the pool on a sunny day? They have a few drinks and one thing leads to the other. The crazy thing is that both of these girls are stunning fashion models and their bodies are so perfect that they just can’t stand not acting on their bi-curious instincts. Flirtatious play quickly leads to passionate kisses and then they remember you. Lounging in the cabana, ready and waiting to have some fun with them. The mood quickly turns from light to hot and heavy, sucking, fucking and multiple orgasms from every possible position. If you have a fetish, forget it. This video will handle it. Worth the price of membership for this one alone. Three is NOT a crowd. A fantasy come true in front of the tropical paradise. Stream or download as soon as you can and you’ll be whisked away to dreamland. But this really happened! xx Colette
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ATK Girlfriends – Elena Koshka

Elena Koshka – She’s so passionate about fucking you
Added: July 30, 2017

Elena walks in very excited to see you. She can’t wait to suck your cock, and feel it inside of her. Elena squirts hard when she’s riding you. When you’re on top of her making sweet passionate love to her she says that nobody else makes her feel the way you do. That was deserving of a good blast of cum inside of her.
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