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Tag: Charity Crawford

Bang Real Teens - Charity Crawford

Charity Crawford Gets Her Petite Pussy Stretched Outdoors
Added: February 12, 2018

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Bang Bros 18 - Charity Crawford

Charity Crawford – Charity Post Workout Protein Shake
Added: February 01, 2018

Charity decides to take a shower in her friends house where she catches Jmac’s attention. Jmac sneaks into the room where he spies on her as she takes a hot shower. He looses her mind as he hears her moan as she rubs on her pussy. She catches him and quickly invites him in so she can suck him off. She surprised on the size of his dick before she finally starts giving a great sucking. Jmac goes wild on her pussy as he fucks her hard from crazy positions until he feeds her his load.
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Pervs On Patrol - Charity Crawford

Charity Crawford – Celeb Look-Alike in Thong Bikini
Added: October 10, 2017

Charity Crawford might not be a real-life celebrity, but she was close enough to make one lifelong fan! Good thing she’s a sucker for flattery, otherwise this amateur sex tape and facial cumshot might have ended way different!
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Erotica X - Charity Crawford & Valentina Nappi

Charity Crawford & Valentina Nappi – Enjoy My Husband
Added: August 17, 2017

Having moved into a nice, new suburban neighborhood, Charity is intrigued by the couple across the street. They seem nice, friendly, young and attractive. One day they invite her over for an early glass of wine and dinner, but before the husband can finish sautéing the vegetables, his wife is already giving the Charity a surprise, sensual welcome. After enjoying watching his wife kiss and caress the beautiful young lady, unveiling her beautifully trim body, he soon moves in for a scorching yet sensual threesome as the two ladies put their lips and tongues on his engorged cock and take turns as he drives his phallus into their willing, wet love nests for a pièce de résistance that she never thought possible.
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Passion-HD - Charity Crawford

Charity Crawford – Sensual Yoga
Added: August 14, 2017

Charity Crawford
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Passion HD – Charity Crawford

Charity Crawford – Exotic Beauty
Added: July 11, 2017

Charity Crawford
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Spy Fam – Charity Crawford

Charity Crawford – Sneaky Stepsis Slithers Into Stepbro’s Bed
Added: July 07, 2017

Charity Crawford
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Vixen – Charity Crawford

Charity Crawford – Over The Edge
Added: June 24, 2017

Charity didn’t expect her modelling career to take off so quickly and her agent now wants her to expand her portfolio. She suggests lingerie as he best place to start and she knows exactly who she wants to shoot it. She has a great chemistry with this photographer and she loves working with him. As a bonus, this is the perfect time to see him again. After an extremely intimate shoot, the sexual tension is so much higher than usual. It’s only a matter of time before things take the turn she is expecting.
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Teen Fidelity – Charity Crawford

Charity Crawford – Real Life 22
Added: June 09, 2017

Charity might be one of the tightest bodied teens we’ve ever shot! Her fit, young body gets manhandled and treated right by Ryan as he plows her pussy in a hot new Real Life episode! Even though she’s not on birth control, she can’t help but beg for his load deep inside her.
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Sis Loves Me – Charity Crawford

Charity Crawford – Brothers Break Up Plan
Added: June 07, 2017

Charity Crawford looks like she walked out of a swimsuit catalog. She has that crisp supermodel look going for her along with a very sexy Southern drawl. Her pervert stepbrother was caught spying on her with a camera as he was trying to get some great shots of her body to jerk off to later. She hit him right in the ball sack when she spotted his voyeur creep plan in progress. He is in pain, so she asks if she can see it. He unzips it to show her he has a boner. She is shocked, but likes it. Her stepbrother insists that she help him make it feel better. He guilts her into kissing it and sucking it. The next day she wants a ride to her boyfriend…
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Footsie Babes – Charity Crawford

Charity Crawford – Teddy Bears, Feet And Sex
Added: May 28, 2017

Charity Crawford needs some comfort and she is hugging her teddy bear. But what she really wants to hug is a thick cock; she wants to suck and please it with her feet before getting it into her 18 year old pussy. Bill Bailey shows up and provides all the charm and dick the cute brunette has been craving. And just like in a fairy tale it has a happy ending.
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Blacked – Charity Crawford & Jaye Summers

Charity Crawford & Jaye Summers – Brakes Biggest Fans Adventures
Added: April 22, 2017

Charity and Jaye are the biggest Brake fans in the world. They have all his albums and got to all of his concerts. They fantasise about Brake all the time and when they are picked out of the crowd at his last show, they cannot believe their luck. They are already very close, but have never shared a guy before, so this really is their ultimate dream come true. When they finally get to see him, they are completely starstruck, but he soon puts them both at ease and gives Ithem exactly what they’ve been wanting for so long.
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Shoplyfter - Charity Crawford and Zoey Laine

Charity Crawford and Zoey Laine – Case No. 8575304
Added: March 30, 2017

March 29,2017 10:08pm – Case # 8575304 – Suspects were spotted and apprehended by LP officer in a failed attempt to exit store with stolen goods. Suspects initially deny theft but were previously overheard rehearsing a story to tell LP officer. Both suspects are strip searched and are very willing to comply with LP officer to avoid police involvement. Evidence logged on March 29, 2017.
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My Babysitter’s Club – Charity Crawford

Charity Crawford – Innocent Babysitter Has A Charitable Pussy
Added: March 27, 2017

Charity Crawford is the epitome of the wholesome and hot girl next door you dream about doing nasty things to. Charity gets a babysitting job call from Mr. Kovac who is also the owner of a swank hotel on the strip. She decides to live up to her name and provide a charitable service for her friends who need jobs there. This absolutely smoking hot girl with a gorgeous face and slender well toned body is sitting on his bed as Mr. Kovac comes in to pay her. She tells him she has a strange request. She wants to know what she can do to get her friends a job, and is more than forward with what she is planning on doing to make sure that happens. Mr. Kovac can‘t help but accept the offer of ravaging her sexy young body in exchange for jobs. This innocent yet dirty girl strips naked and starts going to town on Mr. Kovac and his cock with her mouth. She gives him a blowjob that has him moaning with delight. She then lays back so you get a great look at her perfect tits and well toned body. Mr. Kovac grabs her waist and starts using his hips to fuck her like a jackhammer in missionary position as he stands. Soon she is bent sideways and doggy style against the bed with his dick pounding her while she shrieks in pleasure/pain from his cock lunging into her. She then mounts him and he lives out all of his revolting and perverted fantasies on her even shoving his finger up her little asshole while she is bouncing off his dick. He makes it very known that his old dick is loving every second of being inside her babysitter pussy. It ends with him blowing what looks like the world‘s most satisfying cumshot all over her perfect face. She gets extra dirty by licking, gargling, and blowing bubbles with his cum while it‘s streaked all across her face.
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Blacked – Charity Crawford

Charity Crawford – Young and Adventurous
Added: March 22, 2017

Charity is an actress. People have always told her about the bad stuff. Rejection, competition. But they never told her that sometimes dreams do come true, and Charity is about to embark on her biggest role, playing the girlfriend of a big Hollywood star, and she can’t believe her luck. She used to fantasise about him, and she gets so nervous when she rehearses the intimate scenes – until he invites her to his house to go over it together. She is very anxious, and it shows. When she admits that she has always had a crush on him, he finds it endearing and tells her to just go with her instincts. Needless to say, she does.
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