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New Sensations – Blair Williams

Blair Williams – First Timer Blair Blows A Group Session
Added: May 13, 2018

Young excited hotwife Blair Williams blows a group of guys for her very first time! Blair continues to please her husband with her wild sexual adventures and today is a new one for her. All the boys are ready downstairs and Blair’s hot mouth has one thing in mind, to unleash a cock cum party!
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Teen Curves – Blair Williams

Blair Williams – Curvy Cum Worship
Added: May 10, 2018

Blair Williams is bendy, curvy, and dressed in a skimpy lace bikini. What more could a man want? Watch as she rides our studs tongue with her perfectly smooth pussy and gets fucked from behind like the voluptuous slut that she is. Add a little deepthroat and deep vaginal plowing, and we have ourselves an incredible shoot! Make sure not to miss the cum worship at the end. This girl is insatiable!
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Babes - Blair Williams

Blair Williams – Midnight Snack
Added: February 20, 2018

Blair is spending the night at her boyfriend’s house, but she can’t sleep. After tossing and turning, she slips out of bed and down to the kitchen for a drink of water. Although she was careful enough to not wake her boyfriend up, the same cannot be said for his father. Mick appears in the doorway, and Blair offers to fix him a snack, but what the silver fox is craving isn’t in the fridge! The tension between them is palpable, and as Mick slowly unbuttons Blair’s top and exposes her big breasts, sleep is the last thing on either of their minds. Blair tries to stay quiet as Mick plays with her pussy, but her moans as his skilled fingers and talented tongue explore her soon make them worry about waking up the whole house! Mick leads Blair to his bedroom where they can take advantage of the extra privacy for a passionate sex session that leaves them both hungry for more.
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Bang Bros Clips - Blair Williams

Blair Williams – Suntan Buns Turns To Fun
Added: February 03, 2018

Blair Williams walks into the suntan spot trying to get her skin perfect. She takes some selfies before getting naked to walking into the machine. She shows off her great body as she starts playing with herself. She catches the worker spying on her and confronts him to get his cock. She gives a good sucking and tits fucking before finally getting fucked. She ends up taking his load all over her face and mouth.
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Club Sandy - Blair Williams

Blair Williams – Blonde With Booty Porked
Added: September 10, 2017

Blair Williams has junk in the trunk and she wants to ride some thick cock to calm her relentless hunger for sex. Van Wylde is happy to oblige and give her the pounding of her life. Join the fun and bare witness to a fine blonde getting pounded like never before.
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Bratty Sis - Alex Blake & Blair Williams

Added: September 08, 2017

When Alex Blake spies her stepdad Ryan Driller fucking her stepsister Blair Williams doggy style, she can’t contain her jealousy or her arousal. She waits until they’ve finished, chilling in the living room until she knows that Blair is finished. Once she confronts her stepsister with a list of demands, Alex falls asleep on Blair’s bed…
Later that night, Ryan returns to Blair’s room. Thinking the girl in bed is Blair, he peels off her panties and slides into Alex’s tight twat from behind. Ryan’s cock feels amazing, and Alex can’t keep from whimpering her approval. That’s when Blair walks into her bedroom. When she lays eyes on her stepsister and stepdad getting it on together, Blair decides to join them in bed for a daddy daughter threesome. With two cock craving girls to please, Ryan rises to the challenge. He works both of their slippery twats with his talented fingers, then shifts his attention to pounding Blair’s greedy twat while Alex rides her stepsister’s face. Getting on her hands and knees to get her pussy pounded again by Ryan, Alex moans her satisfaction into Blair’s cum hungry fuck hole. After a brief blowjob to make sure Ryan remains nice and hard, Alex holds his stiffie in place so that her stepsister can sink down onto his fuck stick. Watching Blair’s big boobs bounce as she climaxes on top of him nearly undoes Ryan, but he holds on for an even better grand finale of watching his stepdaughters suck and stroke him off. When he finally climaxes, the girls share his cumshot with a pair of satisfied smiles.
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Missa X - Blair Williams

Blair Williams – A Foreign Exchange Episode 1
Added: August 18, 2017

There are a lot of societal disadvantages to being in the foster care program, lots of fosters end up not going to college because the stress of being passed around from home, the feeling of an uncertain enviornment can give a foster bad grades, and the bad grades inhibit them from getting into college. A group of former fosters petitioned the government for college grants so that foster girls and boys could have a fair shot at a college education. I’m one of the first to benefit from the college grant, and the college that I’ve been accepted to is all the way in Surrey, England…
A kind man and his wife has volunteered to take me in for the four years that I’ll be attending college, they’ve got a dau through the same foster care program that I grew up in. I’ve got to admit, I think the d, Dan Smith, is super hot. I know a little bit about the family. They live in the country, their adopted dau, Lexi, is from New York, his wife, Sofi, is originally from the United States. They seem like such nice people, such nice and normal people. My heart feels warm and optimistic to be a part of this family, even though I know it’s just temporary. Our little girl, Lexi, is growing up. She’s just turned eighteen years old and my wife fears that she’s going to want to go away to college. My wife isn’t ready for her to leave the nest yet, and so she came up with the idea of participating in the Foster College Program, and she petitioned for an American girl. It was just last month when my wife excitedly brought me over to her laptop, “aww darling, look how sweet she looks,” she cooed. It felt good accepting another young lady into our home. I used to be a foster. It feels a little like helping out myself from the past, when I invite a troubled foster into our home. I want to show them normalcy, love, and patient understanding. I see pain behind Blair’s sweet close-lipped smile, her kind eyes, and I know that our family can show her love, and give her a comfortable place to stay while she’s going to school. My wife hopes that Blair will befriend Lexi and Lexi will choose to stay in England for college, and not leave her, our home, and go to school abroad. He picked me up from the airport and hugged me warmly, “welcome to our family,” he said kindly. I’ve heard those words so many times before, but this time it felt different. He talked about his wife and his dau in the car, and I admired how committed he was to his family. Is it strange to say that it turned me on? I’ve always been turned on by kind people. I love seducing someone kind, and Dan seems like he’d be tough to seduce. I can tell immediately, as with most men, that he wants to fuck me. He glances at my thighs, and during conversation I feel his eyes lower to my lips, my breasts. I know I had better not fuck this up. I like him. I know I’ll love his wife and dau. I’m determined to be a good girl this time. Blair wears a sweet white eyelet lace dress, the sort you would see a little girl wearing, but she’s all woman. She’s fresh, young, and she has so much energy. She gushes with excitement when she sees England’s farms. “It’s a lamb!” I correct her, “that’s a goat.” My mind keeps dreaming about her looking at me, propping her leg up on the seat of the car, revealing her pink little pussy. I dream that she begs for me to pull over and fuck her. I see her head bobbing up and down in my lap, she gasps for air as she pulls off my throbbing cock, looking to my face for approval. Fuck.. I don’t know why I’m dreaming about her. I would never, EVER cheat on my wife. I would never take advantage of a foster girl. I know how vulnerable they can be.
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Hard X – Alexis Monroe & Blair Williams

Alexis Monroe & Blair Williams – Make It Three
Added: July 25, 2017

Get ready for the hottest three way fuck fest you’ve ever seen. Watch bombshells Alexis Monroe & Blair Williams smother Romon Nomar in double-pussy action. We got two pairs of tits for his hungry cock. Behold these horny blonde whores share a massive cock. It’s everyone’s dream to double up on the sex partner action. Nothing will leave you cumming harder than a wild threesome.
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All Girl Massage – Ashley Adams & Blair Williams

Ashley Adams & Blair Williams – Poolside Tongue Bath
Added: July 24, 2017

Blair Williams wakes up to a call from her friend Ashley Adams reminding her of their plans. She’s tanning by the pool in Blair’s backyard. Blair goes outside to meet her and they both lounge around recovering from partying too hard the night before. Ashley sits on Blair’s bum and massages oil all over her sun kissed back. She offers her a hangover massage and continues to rub down the rest of her body. After convincing Blair to untie her bikini top, she sneakily slips out of hers as well. Then she talks her bottoms off to massage Blair’s ass. When she steals a lick between the crack, Blair figures out what Ashley’s up to, and says it’s different when they’re drunk. Ashley’s tongue poking at her pussy makes a hard argument and it doesn’t stop till Blair cums in her mouth. Ashley straddles her legs around Blair’s face and leans back to massage her pussy. Meanwhile, Blair licks Ashley’s pussy and tongue fucks her ass till she cums to a shuddering crescendo. Ashley scissors her legs between Blair’s and tribs her slippery pussy. Then, when Ashley stands up, Blair sucks on her labia exploding her clit one more time!
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Anal Beauty # 7

Added: July 23, 2017

Cast: Valentina Nappi, Blair Williams, Moka Mora, Vicki Chase returns with Anal Beauty Vol. 7, the highly anticipated next volume of its award winning series! Visionary director, Greg Lansky (2016, 2017 AVN Director of the Year), is proud to present this newest collection of his best scenes. Featuring gorgeous cover girl Blair Williams’ debut TUSHY performance as an opportunistic hostess seducing and teasing a married client. Also starring Latina beauty, Vicki Chase; rising starlet, Moka Mora; and international superstar, Valentina Nappi, in unforgettable anal performances of their own. As always, each scene features the highest standards of adult film making with artful cinematography, compelling stories, and luxurious settings. Don’t miss out!
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Evil Angel - Adria Rae, Blair Williams

Adria Rae, Blair Williams – Anal A2M Threesome
Added: July 05, 2017

Adorable brunette Adria Rae and blonde girlfriend Blair Williams are an all-natural duo looking for trouble — the anal kind! The young ladies recline side by side as ass freak Mike Adriano tongues their buttholes. The girls orally worship his gigantic dick, getting Mike’s meat wet and sloppy so he can bury it deeply inside Adria’s ass. While Mike pounds the dark-haired doll’s tight rectum, drooling Blair rims Adria’s stretched sphincter, licks her pussy and sucks Mike’s big boner ass-to-mouth.
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Sneaky Sex – Blair Williams

Blair Williams – Honey I’m Home
Added: July 03, 2017

Naughty nymphomaniac Blair Williams thinks that her husband is away and that she has the entire house to herself. This slutty wife can’t believe her luck! Blair sneaks her lover Bambino into her house from the backyard. She tells Bambino that they only have thirty minutes before her boring husband returns home. Not wanting to rush their naughty cheating fun, Blair drags Bambino into the living room where she moans with pleasure as he worships her sweet perky tits like her husband never could! Horny Blair then drops to her knees as this cock craving cutie can’t wait to suck his dick dry! Blair deep-throats Bambino, giving him the sloppy blowjob this sneaky slut loves to do! Before Blair has time to cum, she and her lover are interrupted by her husband coming home! Can Blair and Bambino keep fucking around behind her husband’s back without getting caught, or will Ms. Williams have some explaining to do when she’s caught red-handed riding a big cock that’s definitely not her husband’s?
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Brazzers Exxtra – Blair Williams

Blair Williams – I Can Do Anal Though…
Added: June 22, 2017

Blair’s parents have left for the night, and her new boyfriend is dying for some action. He starts kissing her and things get hot, but as soon as things start getting too heated she pushes him away: she’s a virgin, and insists on keeping it that way. Xander keeps trying and eventually she lets him go down on her – but again, no sex. What the hell! Xander is about to give up when she brings up the idea of anal: that would allow her to keep her virginity, right?
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Girls Way – Gia Paige & Blair Williams

Gia Paige & Blair Williams – Plastic Surgeon Markup
Added: June 12, 2017

During a surgical consultation, plastic surgeon Dr. Blair Williams is marking up Gia Paige’s body for liposuction to get rid of her minimal body fat. Blair recommends injecting the fat from her tummy into her ass for a Brazilian butt augmentation. Always looking to upsell her services, Blair also recommends a boob job to give her breasts a womanlier appearance and to prevent them from sagging as she ages into her thirties. A boob job never occurred to Gia. Gia’s already apprehensive about the liposuction, she can’t handle the thought of a boob job. But, Blair knows how to play on her insecurities. After she explains how much better life will be with a new pair of tits, she shows Gia her own tits that she had done two years ago. She lets Gia touch them. Gia concedes they feel real and they look amazing. Blair tells Gia she can fill in a care credit form and have new tits by Tuesday! But Gia is overwhelmed with options and distraught by the suggestion that she’s not good enough. She starts to cry. With her breasts still uncovered, Blair stands right beside Gia, caressing her arms, her breasts, her nipples, whispering words of encouragement, telling her to relax and think of all the good things a new pair of tits will bring to her life. When Gia feels more confident about the procedure, Blair proposes labiaplasty too. Gia never heard of it, so Blair explains the benefits of a trim and a tuck. She can have that tight pussy back and finally find a man willing to marry her, maybe even snag a Saudi prince! She looks at Gia’s labia and sees evidence of sexual experience. Gia starts bawling. That’s why everyone leaves her, because her pussy looks used! Blair promises that if she goes under the knife, she will have a new life. Everything will get better. Blair leans in to kiss her. Gia kisses her back. She wants to be confident and sexy like Blair. Blair points out that people can’t help sucking her tits, they’re that nice. Indeed, Gia sucks on her tits. Then, Blair licks Gia’s tits, promising she can make them a D cup. Blair offers to show Gia her labiaplasty. She takes off her dress and squats on the table with her ass in Gia’s face. Gia takes a close look at her ass and pussy. Blair’s lips are perfectly symmetrical, and there’s no visible scarring. According to Blair, the procedure was expensive but worth it. Even the taste is supposed to be better. She invites her to try it, Gia licks the pink flesh and agrees it tastes sweet. Blair likes what she’s doing back there. Gia lies down and continues to stroke the doctor’s clitoris. Blair rides her tongue till she convulses on her face. Then, Blair pulls off Gia’s panties for another look at her labia. She inspects it slowly with her tongue, wets two fingers with spit and opens her up. She eats her ass from behind and makes her cum. After Gia and Blair 69 until they erupt in each other’s faces, their hips gravitate together till they’re rocking in unison, tribbing another orgasm from their clits.
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Vixen – Blair Williams

Blair Williams – As Soon As The Ink Is Dry
Added: June 10, 2017

Blair is an assistant at one of the most powerful law firms in the country. She has her favorite clients, one of them being a hot rich guy who is getting divorced. When she is sent to his house to obtain a signature on the paperwork, she sees the chance to get to know her client on a much more personal level. He asks her to stay for a drink to celebrate him becoming single – how can she resist?
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