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Love Her Feet - Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal – Its Just A Foot Massage
Added: February 25, 2018

Hubby was out of town so he ordered one of his guys to escort me to a party. Too bad for hubby that his friend was just too cute I had to invite him inside when he drove me back home. When I asked for a foot massage, he got so aroused by my sexy tattooed pink polished toes that he fucked me right away.
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Teen Pies - Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal – Cum Goes Both Ways
Added: February 14, 2018

Audrey Royal was super happy her boyfriend was going to let her have sex with another man. She needed some new cock to realize how much she appreciates the one she already has. This new guy was blessed though. He had a girthy schlong that felt so amazing in Audreys velvety mouth and tight pussy. She got fucked so good that she actually came on his cock. That never happens with her boyfriend. The only stipulation of this arrangement was that the man was not allowed to cum inside Audrey, but he just couldn’t help it. If she gets pregnant her relationship is over, but at least she will have been impregnated by a monster dick :)
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Monsters Of Cock - Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal – Taking Huge Dick Fixes Her Cravings
Added: February 12, 2018

Audrey Royal is super excited!! She says that watching the playoffs has her craving big cock in her tight little pussy. My buddy Mandigo actually played semi-pro but i told her to proceed with caution because he has a big dick. Audrey claps her hands out of excitement until he reveals his monstrous cock. She gives a good sucking where we see her swallowing as much as she can. She ends up getting her pussy stretched from various positions until she gets his load in her mouth.
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My Sister's Hot Friend - Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal – My Sister’s Hot Friend
Added: August 26, 2017

You come home from the gym to find a sexy, young woman sitting on your couch, flirting with you, nobody else in the house. Jackpot? Dangerous? A little bit of both to Ryan, when he finds out that the mysterious woman alone in his home is Audrey Royal, his sister’s friend. She tells him that she’s waiting for his sister to come back from her boyfriend’s house. But she also tells him, in so many ways, that she wants to fuck the holy hell out of him before she returns! Ryan nervously laughs his way into the shower but finds Audrey on his bed in her underwear when he comes out. Is there any sense in fighting a sexy brunette who wants to give you a sloppy blowjob and ride your big dick until you cum all over her, even if she is your sister’s friend? Find out!
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Tonights Girlfriend - Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal
– Tonights Girlfriend

Added: August 12, 2017

Audrey Royal
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Punish Teens – Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal – Hard Sex Fantasy
Added: July 18, 2017

Audrey Royal
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Shoplyfter – Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal – Case No. 8859861
Added: July 06, 2017

July 5th 2:37pm – Case No. 8859861 – Suspicious Activity/Theft – Suspect caused suspicion immediately upon arrival to store due to religious clothing. LP officer immediately observed suspect. Under surveillance, suspect was then caught hiding merchandise within the Hijab. Suspect was apprehended and questioned. Lost merchandise was recovered after a strip search. Suspect was shown leniency and released on their own recognizance. Evidence logged July 5, 2017.
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Bang Bros 18 – Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal – Keeping the Faith
Added: June 14, 2017

Audrey Royal is changing her clothes unaware that Bruno is spying on her from across the yard. This young princess has a tight little body with a firm ass, perky titties, and a sweet pussy. As he creeps closer to the window, he is amazed to see that she is masturbating with a lollipop! As he jumps over the banister he startles her, but then is able to convince her to get down for some hard fucking. If you like seeing young girls get it hard, the scene is definitely for you.
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Cherry Pop – Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal – Let’s Blow Off Some Steam
Added: June 02, 2017

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Blacks On Blondes – Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal – Blacks On Blondes
Added: May 10, 2017

With two strong claps of his hands, one of the world’s biggest Bulls summons his private dancer for some entertainment. His name? Mandingo. Hers? Audrey Royal. She’s a Jordanian slut who loves entertaining well-hung black men. Audrey enters the room in her purple Bedleh, her face covered by a veil…while her fingers gently tap on the Zills. “Dingo” holds off as long as he can as he enjoys her show, but soon he’s standing and Audrey is naked and on her knees, ready to suck on his massive black cock. Audrey can’t believe how big it is and can barely wrap her mouth around the enormous head. She wonders if it will tear her tiny, very-tight cunt? Audrey is soon riding the BBC, and at first she’s got to take it easy. Dingo’s cock opens her petite pussy up, and soon he’s fucking the shit out of this middle-eastern whore until he can no longer hold his nut. Dingo aims for the tongue, and anything that didn’t splatter her face went right down her throat! Amazing!!
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Brazzers Exxtra – Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal – Ride Service
Added: May 04, 2017

Audrey gives rides to strangers for extra cash, but how does she have such a high rating? Her next pickup Danny D is about to find out…
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ATK Girlfriends – Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal – Audrey lets you cum on her face
Added: April 27, 2017

After a nice lunch with a view of the beach you take a little drive. When you get back to the room Audrey is really appreciative of the expensive Tiffany watch you got her. it must have flipped a switch inside her pussy because she’s wet and ready to fuck. Audrey wants to let you cum on her pretty face this time.
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DarkX - Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal – Thank You for Your Hospitality
Added: April 01, 2017

Audrey Royal is visiting from another country. She’s checking out L.A. and staying at Nat Turnher’s bed and breakfast, He tells her some cool sport to check out and she has a great time! To show her gratitude, she gives him a kiss and a whole lot more. Its Nat’s lucky night as Audrey lavishes her tongue and body against his big black cock, her favorite sport so far!
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ATK Girlfriends – Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal – After her big feet stroke your cock you cum inside Audrey’s pussy
Added: March 20, 2017

You wake up Audrey to play with her tits and eat her sweet pussy. She sucks your cock and lets you fuck her doggy style. After her big feet stroke your cock you finish fucking her and cum inside her pussy. Audrey LOVES it!
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ATK Girlfriends – Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal – She sounds a little tired, but she sure wants to fuck after the luau
Added: March 08, 2017

Audrey looks and sounds a little tired, but it’s been a long day and she really wants you. Audrey pulls off your pants after you tease her pussy. Her long feet stroke your cock, and she rolls over on her knees so you can jam your cock in her tight pussy. Audrey wants to feel your cum all over her face now.
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