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Grandpas Fuck Teens – Annie Wolf

Annie Wolf – Annie Likes Old Guys
Added: February 09, 2017

Annie Wolf is slowly filing her nails, patiently waiting for her favorite sexy grandpa to arrive. Albert is eager and ready to satisfy this younger lady, with his years of experience and his older physique, performance has never been a problem. She takes his dick deepthroat with a hot blowjob after letting him skillfully lick and suck her wet pussy. She purrs with pleasure as the grey silverback goes animal while plowing her pussy. She fucks this grandpa until her body cannot take anymore. Finally he lets out his lust with a sticky cumshot just above that tight pussy.
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Euro Teen Erotica - Annie Wolf

Annie Wolf – Teachers Pet gets Pussy Fucked – Teen’s Fantasy Detention
Added: January 23, 2017

Annie Wolf is a very bad girl in need of some serious disciplining of the sexual kind after not following instructions properly in after school detention. The rebellious teen is going to get what she deserves from her teacher David Perry when he sticks it to her, literally.
Forget the history lesson, David is going to give her some lessons on lovin’ that she’ll be able to use throughout life. In this boy-girl scene Annie lives out what so many girls fantasize about when she gets pussy fucked right by her mature French lover.
David can’t wait to get into that tight young shaved pussy and as he undresses her out of her booty shorts with her in doggy style her curvy ass and horny hole are just too good to resist a quick ass licking and fingering, and after he’s got his little lover all lubed up she hops on top for a deep cowgirl penetration.
The hot Serbian blows him hard to end it all, letting him cums in her mouth just like she likes.
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Pix And Video – Annie Wolf

Annie Wolf – Tingling with Electricity
Added: January 11, 2017

Thomas Stone has an electrical incident trying to fix the sound system for Annie Wolf. She is so shocked by his near-death experience that she decides to give him the fuck of his life. They make out and bang away on the nearby couch, her natural breasts offering him some consolation in this life. He writhes away while pounding her pussy, slamming that bubble butt with a frequency that drives her dial up to complete climax.
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