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Bad Milfs - Lauren Phillips And Alexa Nova

Lauren Phillips And Alexa Nova – Crushing On My Girls Stepmom
Added: March 27, 2018

Alexa Nova thought her and her boyfriend Brad had the perfect relationship, until he met her stepmom Lauren Phillips. Brad could not stop ogling over her, and he even invited her to one of their college parties. It was like he had completely forgotten that Alexa existed. Alexa decided to confide in Lauren and tell her about the situation. Family always comes first in Laurens heart, so she reassured Alexa with a kiss and told her Brad would be eating out of the palm of her hand in no time. The next day Brad realized that he fucked up when Alexa was no longer answering his calls or texts. He showed up at her house with a flower, but Lauren was there to set him straight while Alexa watched. She commanded him to lick her feet, eat her pussy, and be a better boyfriend. We think he got the message. When the time came for Brad to pick Alexa up for their party, he showed up dressed in a suit ready to impress. Alexa was dressed in her lingerie ready to humiliate Brad for not putting her first. She put him through the same domination Lauren did, then Lauren even came in to join the fun. The girls shared his big cock then got fucked like a tower of ginger pussy. They shared his cum mouth to mouth and made sure this was taken as a lesson well learned.
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James Deen - Alexa Nova

Alexa Nova At Home Sex Tape
Added: February 20, 2018

Alexa Nova has a nice butt. James Deen loves butts. He has a whole movie about it. This doesn’t take long to create a situation that leads to Alexa on her knees sucking on James’ dick. Alexa not only has a nice ass, but also likes to put cocks up her ass. Which she does with James before he cums on her face. It seems that the two share something very special. Whether that is the love of anal sex, or Alexa being James’ personal slut, who knows. The fact that these two are in the same place and turned a camera on before cumming on one another is great for all of us.
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Slave Mouth - Alexa Nova

Alexa Nova – Air Is A Privilege
Added: February 19, 2018

Alexa is here for an extended stay. So Master Mercies begins her training with a basic lesson: everything is a privilege for girls here, including the very air they breathe. So when she’s not gagging on his cock and struggling for breath, she’s feeling his hand clamped around her neck. Master Mercies also brought in a vacuum cleaner to symbolize the removal of air from her world. Obviously, he did not turn it on inside her mouth, because, well, that would be stupidly dangerous, and we want Alexa to survive for her other treatment sessions. But he did turn it on to collect the spit and slobber spewing from her mouth over the course of her treatment. He even used it to vacuum up her tears. It was a fun new toy that will likely get used again at the harem. Alexa was a good little masochist toy herself. Enjoy this one.
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Teens Love Anal - Alexa Nova

Alexa Nova – Trust In Her Asshole
Added: February 10, 2018

Alexa Nova is a shrewd tech vixen who just figured out her boss has been stealing money from their company. When she confronted him, he offered her a chance to get in on the scam. As long as it would be a 50/50 split she was in, but how would he know he can trust her? Alexa decided to show this guy her loyalty by letting him pound her juicy asshole. Any girl that will let you fuck her in the butt is someone you can rely on. Alexa got her tight asshole reamed and her pretty face cummed on, all for a chance to receive wealth beyond her wildest desires. Talk about the deal of the century!
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Woodman Casting X – Alexa Nova

Woodman Casting X – Alexa Nova
Added: August 27, 2017

An american girl, Alexa Nova has an audition with Pierre Woodman.
She will answer general questions about her life and sexual fantasies and experience.
Then Alexa Nova will undress to show her body naked.
She will be asked to show her body in doggy style and missionary position on a sofa.
This is Alexa Nova sexy casting X !
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Legal Porno - Luna Rival vs Alexa Nova

Luna Rival vs Alexa Nova 3on2 DAP your face off fest
Added: August 07, 2017

Luna Rival vs Alexa Nova
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Nuru Massage – Alexa Nova

Alexa Nova – Cheat Sheet
Added: July 29, 2017

When Ryan McLane comes home, he’s livid with his girlfriend Alexa Nova. She doesn’t know why he’s upset, and he doesn’t appreciate her playing dumb about fucking around with Doug. Alexa wants to know what makes him think she’s been cheating with Doug. Ryan says that Kimberly told him when she came over last night. Alexa figures that means the hockey game and drinks with the boys was a lie. Ryan was supposed to go to hockey but got sidetracked by what Kimberly told him. Alexa tries to deescalate the situation by suggesting she give him a massage to calm down. After Alexa undresses them both, Ryan follows her into the shower where she rinses him off and gives him a heart opening blowjob. She dotingly covers his back with the NURU gel, then she squirms all over him, helping him forget why he’s angry. Once she starts fucking him, especially in reverse cowgirl, he’s ready to drop the whole thing, a big load of cum, straight into her mouth!
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Petite Ballerinas Fucked – Alexa Nova

Alexa Nova – Bendable Beauty
Added: July 19, 2017

American ballerina Alexa Nova is touring in Europe and has been paired up with Ricky Rascal. Finding herself hot as hell for her new partner, Alexa decides to go for it when she realizes the feeling is mutual. She’s quick to accept his kisses and caresses, abandoning her practice in favor of enjoying the feel of Ricky’s hands on her small boobs and his mouth pressed to her greedy clit. Using the barre for balance, Alexa lifts one leg up to her shoulders to give Ricky as much room as he could imagine for his pussy feast. Rising to his feet, he slides into that tight twat and starts thrusting his hips in a preview of things to come. First, Alexa sinks down to her knees to wrap her sweet lips around Ricky’s hardon. When he lifts her to do a standing 69, she keeps sucking as her pussy pulses with joy. As they gear up for one last round of pleasure, they move to the couch. There, Alexa shows off her flexibility by linking her ankles around her neck to give Ricky a wide open fuck hole to pound. His climax is fast on the heels of hers, leaving him to pull out at the last moment so that he can cover her breasts and belly with the salty evidence of his love.
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Legal Porno - Alexa Nova

Redhead slut Alexa Nova assfucked by 4 guys & DAP’ed
Added: July 15, 2017

Alexa Nova
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Deep Throat Sirens – Alexa Nova

Alexa Nova – Belt Earned
Added: June 29, 2017

Alexa Nova is a champ. Deepthroat Champ. Just give her cock, turn the handle, and let her go… Those big Blue Orbs staring at you as you grab her head and push. Needed. Those big batty eyelashes every time her throat gets poked flash like butterflies. Those Orange Nails coming out to help her struggle down 9″ down through her tight throat. Ice Cream. Stroking with her little Orange Nails to get that valuable cum…dangle it…then throw it down her throat with the help of my cock, and swallow it down. DEEPTHROAT SIRENS Champ. ~SH
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Fake Agent – Alexa Nova

Alexa Nova – Creampie for New American Model
Added: June 20, 2017

Alexa Nova is an American redhead visiting Prague to see the museums and other sites–and hopefully to get some work in adult entertainment. The athletic bisexual told me all about her girlfriend and their threesome adventures, and that she had done anal sex before. All of what I like to hear! We took some casting photos of her all-natural body, paying special attention to her perky tits and juicy, muscular ass. Alexa masturbated for the camera like she’d been doing it her whole life, keeping eye contact and moaning–she didn’t need any coaching at all! She was completely comfortable. She said it was better if she sees me masturbate, too, so I took out my cock and joined in. Of course, this led to a blowjob and fucking, a nice treat for me! Then Alexa continued masturbating until she came for the camera! She’s destined to be a pornstar, for sure. I told her I could get her lots of work here in Prague, and we would speak soon, then had her blow a kiss for the camera.
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Punish Teens – Alexa Nova

Alexa Nova – BDSM Games
Added: May 23, 2017

Alexa Nova is one tight auburn haired hottie. She is a contestant in one of the most unusual and perverted games ever! She has agreed to pain tolerance sex testing which has three levels of pain tolerance. The first phase of the testing takes place with her being stripped down to her leotard. The host pulls down the top of her outfit and starts slapping her breasts to see just how much whack-a-hoe she can take. Then more slapping of her ass and face ensues. She passes round one with flying colors. In round two she has to deepthroat some massive cock and see how much of it she can choke down based on where her lipstick mark touches his dick shaft. Alexa achieved high marks on this test too. This brought her to the final rounds where she had to be bent over and fucked while holding two cups of water. She took dick while being bent over a couch and didn’t spill much water at all. The final round features anal penetration from a monster cock while being slapped, spit on, and degraded. Alexa seems to enjoy that even more than all the previous rounds. She is left a spit covered, slapped red, and cum drenched mess when it is all over.
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I’ve Got It Bad For Step Dad # 5

Added: May 17, 2017

Cast: Kylie Quinn, Yhivi, Alexa Nova, Rose Ballentine
Rodney Moore crosses the line and cannot resist his step-daughters’ pussies anymore. He whips out his big cock and plunges on in these tight slits only to unload his famous Rodney blast all over their pretty young faces!!
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Burning Angel – Alexa Nova

Alexa Nova – Double Anal
Added: May 14, 2017

Redhead Alexa Nova wanted two nice cocks in her butthole, so we’re giving her exactly that! Steve Holmes and Tommy Pistol split our girl Alexa wide open to stretch that fine ass far and wide and deliver the anal satisfaction which she craves. Switching back and forth between rods, Alexa lets the men have their way with her but she’s in control the whole time as she squats down upon both their dicks at once. Her whore hole stuffed and double penetrated and her face covered in cum is exactly what she needed!
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Family Strokes – Alexa Nova

Alexa Nova – What A Mess You Made
Added: May 12, 2017

Alexa Nova is a hot stepsister who is getting her hornball stepbrother hot and bothered with her green bikini on. He can’t help violating her with his eyes. She is quick to tell him that while their parents are out that she doesn’t have to listen to him. She goes out to sun tan and tells him it’s just too bad. He decides to take her video camera and zoom in on her. He is enjoying his voyeur view of her. He keeps begging for her to remove clothing so he can video record it for jerk off material. He loves seeing her take off her top and is getting his pervert jollies off when she sees him spying on her. She chases after him for the camera. He offers her a deal of returning it to her in exchange for her not telling on him. He asks her to also help him with a boner he has from creeping on her like a voyeur scum bag. She is grossed out by the proposition, but she needs that video camera back. She gets on her knees in her bikini and starts sucking his dick. Soon she is naked and being fucked like a whore by her disgusting pervert brother. He is loving every minute of it. She starts to enjoy herself as well asking him if he likes fucking his stepsister. He finally blows a load from his exciting of tapping that pussy. The load on her face is such a huge mess that she is sitting there commenting on how good of a brother he is for making a messy little whore out of his sister.
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