Slutty Times At Innocent High # 10

Added: June 20, 2016

Cast: Rebel Lynn, Elsa Jean, Iggy Amore, Molly Manson, Alaina Dawson
Alaina Dawson was taped to the chalkboard by her fellow students for snitching on them. When the school janitor found her hours later, she was so relieved she promised she’d do whatever he wanted if he would help her get free.
Elsa Dream couldn’t get her cheers right. She showed her teacher what she was doing and he told her she might be better with her top and panties off! She agreed and soon she was doing cheers while riding his cock!
Iggy Amore had a crush on her teacher for months. One day after school, while she was helping him prepare the classroom, he suggests she might be more comfortable with her panties off. Well, what do think this teacher’s pet did?
Molly Manson gets caught TPing a classroom by the principal. He tells her to give him one good reason why she shouldn’t be expelled. She thinks about it, takes off her top and shows him 2 great reasons to keep her around!
Rebel Lynn is going to France and asks her teacher to teach her some French. He agrees but soon she asks to learn how to talk dirty in French. He’s hesitant at first, but soon he can’t resist that tight and tiny body!