Euro Girls On Girls – Tiffany Tatum & Annie Wolf

Tiffany Tatum & Annie Wolf – Orgasmic Intentions: Lesbians Dildo Does Double Duty
Added: May 15, 2017

Sunday’s are best spent with a strap-on, according to horny hotties Tiffany Tatum and Annie Wolf anyways. In this college porn scene the two girls are needing to have a little fun and let loose after finals week, so they decided to throw something new in the mix to spice up their sex lives, and it’s sure to spice up your life too! These two are like sugar and spice with their opposite but equally good looks. Blonde Hungarian, Tiffany, finds her black haired Serbian friend too tempting to resists and she can’t help but to burrow her face between her big tits, kissing them while the two begin to bring the rest of their fantasy to life, undressing out of their booty shorts and taking turns pussy licking one another from behind. Pussy insertion is naturally what’s to follow their naughty foreplay in this teen porn scene, and their dildo and strap-on do double duty to hit the spot as they take each other in all of the favorite positions. Watch as these two get fulfill their orgasmic intentions in both orifices!