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Category: Lesbian

Sapphic Erotica - Kiara Night & Lola Myluv

Kiara Night & Lola Myluv – Release the tension
Added: December 06, 2017

Long day has passed, and Lola is eager to have Kiara back at their apartement. Kiara is tired as hell after that long day, so she is very happy to receive the relaxing massage of Lola – and of course everything what comes after!
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Viv Thomas - Caomei Bala & Ena Sweet

Caomei Bala & Ena Sweet – Beguiled
Added: December 06, 2017

Gorgeous Caomei Bala watches her raven-haired lover Ena Sweet play with her pussy while she sleeps, as episode three of Alis Locanta’s erotic fantasy “Lost In A Dream Reloaded” gets underway. In her dream, Ena sees Caomei in a sexy dress, her wrists cuffed, attempting to pleasure herself. She takes over, fondling and spanking Caomei’s ass, then pulling down her panties and eating her hairy pussy…Caomei moans with arousal as Ena uses her tongue and fingers on her sticky slit, driving her to an orgasm that makes her whole body quiver. She uncuffs and undresses Caomei, who slaps her perfect ass and tugs down her shorts. Caomei buries her face between Ena’s firm cheeks and licks her shaved pussy, spinning her around as she laps at her juicy folds. Ena grinds on Caomei’s tongue as she rides it to her climax. Back to the present, and Ena is still masturbating and squeezing her breasts as her dream makes her orgasm, much to Caomei’s delight.
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Sex Art - Chrissy Fox & Emylia Argan

Chrissy Fox & Emylia Argan – Hair Episode 1 – Love
Added: November 11, 2017

Sexy brunette Emylia Argan gives her new friend Chrissy Fox a neck massage, as part one of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series “Hair” begins. Emylia can’t resist playing with Chrissy’s lustrous blonde locks, and gives in to the urge to kiss her neck. Passion ignites as Chrissy turns to kiss gorgeous Emylia on the lips, hands running over her body. Chrissy lies back on the table with her legs parted and Emylia kisses her way down to the horny blonde’s pussy, nuzzling her through her white lace panties…
She pulls them aside and licks Chrissy’s juicy pink slit, thrusting her fingers inside as she comes up for another kiss, making Chrissy moan with pleasure. She fingerbangs Chrissy deep and hard, driving her wild, breaking off for both of them to get naked before going down to eat her again. Chrissy’s lovely small breasts quiver as Emylia licks her clit and slides a finger inside her slippery slit, making her climax again. Chrissy gropes Emylia’s beautiful big tits and then eats her pussy voraciously, spreading her open with her tongue and driving her to an explosive orgasm. It’s the start of a wonderful love affair; but events are about to take a shocking turn…
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Wild On Cam - Eliza Jane & Haley Reed

Eliza Jane & Haley Reed – Wild Sexy Blondes
Added: November 10, 2017

Hot sexy babes Haley Reed and Eliza Jane are quite the pair complimenting each others naughty ways showing off those fit bodies in their pink lingerie. These girls really know how to tease their fans and especially themselves when they strip smiling as they caress and spit all over each others tits and pussies. The fun only begins when Haley reaches inside her dresser and brings out her assortment of toys to fucking use on that tight little pussy of Elizas… and Eliza will be sure to make Haley cum too! Archive from 10-27-2017 5pm LIVE show!
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Moms Lick Teens - Sloan Harper & Tabatha Jordan

Sloan Harper & Tabatha Jordan – Milfs Magic Wand
Added: November 01, 2017

Trick or Treat! Blonde Halloween teen Sloan Harper and her friends went knocking on the wrong door. Now this little wizard is in for a surprise from dangerous witch and local MILF Tabatha Jordan. Sloan wants candy, but she’ll have to trade for it, by trying out Tabatha’s “magical wand”! Tabatha rips off Sloan’s wizard costume and weaves her magic, pushing this teen to her knees and commanding her to masturbate while she tastes some hot MILF pussy.
Sloan is so spellstruck by this girl-on-girl action her quim gets slick faster than you can say, “hocus pocus.” Tabatha and Sloan have fun playing with their sex toy, licking each other’s assholes, and scissoring in their stockings and socks. So will Sloan get her candy and move on to the next house, or will Tabatha have more toys for her to try out?
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Lesbea - Foxxi Black & Sybil Kailena

Foxxi Black & Sybil Kailena – Sensational young babe facesitting
Added: October 25, 2017

Sybil Kailena and Foxxi Black have been flirting for months, and have finally found themselves in bed together. Both women have worn their very best lingerie for the occasion, with Foxxi is luxurious white, and Sybil contrasts her in black negligee. Making out on the bed, it isn’t long before Sybil strips the bra from Foxxi’s natural tits and starts to lick her nipples. Kissing a trail from her tits to her pussy, Sybil’s head disappears between Foxxi’s thighs as the brunette babe’s eyes roll back in pleasure. After an intense orgasm, Foxxi motions to Sybil to sit on her face, licking up at her pussy with delight. After both girls eat each other out doggystyle, they take turns bringing each other to climax with some vigorous finger-fucking!
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Mommy's Girl - Dillion Harper & Alexis Fawx

Dillion Harper & Alexis Fawx – The Naked Life
Added: October 07, 2017

After spending the day at a nudist beach, stepmother Alexis Fawx decides to live the naked life and announces the news to her stepdaughter Dillion Harper, explaining that she should get naked too. Dillion good naturedly agrees. And while she’s making breakfast in the buff, Alexis is lurking behind the wall, watching and masturbating. Dillion meditates outside on her yoga mat in the buff and Alexis sneaks around masturbating. Wherever Dillion goes there’s Alexis rubbing her clit…
When Dillion catches her masturbating outside her bathroom, nudist Alexis encourages her to do it too. The teen is too shy though, but Alexis insists she has nothing to worry about and should just set her spirit free! Affectionately, she moves in close to help Dillion relax and enjoy the experience. She caresses her hands as Dillion plays with herself. Soon the MILF is giving the teen soft kisses and touching her pussy directly. Eventually the lesbians retreat into the bedroom where Alexis helps Dillion explore her own body. Before long, she kisses her way down to Dillion’s tasty pussy. She makes her very wet and sucks the cum from her clit. Then Alexis climbs between Dillion’s legs and vigorously tribs herself orgasm. Alexia keeps grinding her swollen clit against Dillion’s tongue. The teen is one hot mess by the time she tribs her stepmother!
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Lesbian X - Cassidy Klein & Nina North

Cassidy Klein & Nina North – Nina’s First Lesbian Anal
Added: October 07, 2017

In her pre-scene interview, Nina North explains that she has never had anal sex before and feels there is no better way to explore these new sensations than with another woman. Cassidy takes control, warming Nina up before anally penetrating her with fingers and Nina’s favorite toy. Nina also anally explores Cassidy with her tongue and fingers as well. Featuring deep wet kissing and multiple anal orgasms, this is one Lesbian X first you don’t want to miss!
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All Girl Massage - Brett Rossi & Cadence Lux

Brett Rossi & Cadence Lux – The Tutor
Added: September 26, 2017

Tutor Brett Rossi is helping her student Cadence Lux study anatomy and physiology. Cadence is frustrated because she’s trying to understand, but can’t retain the information. She’s overwhelmed with her tests and her rent, and the stress is giving her backaches and neck pain. Good thing Brett used to be a masseuse. She hikes up her skirt to prepare to massage Cadence. When Cadence sees Brett’s black panties, she suggests they stick to the books, but Brett insists that a short study break and a massage will make it easier to absorb the lesson…
Cadence obediently takes off her top and lies on her stomach. Brett wants to use oil and makes Cadence take off her shorts so they don’t get dirty. Brett massages her student’s tight ass but it makes Cadence uncomfortable. To help her feel more at ease, Brett also gets undressed, except for her panties. She sits back down on Cadence’s ass and proceeds to massage her, rubbing her big titties against her. She slips off Cadence’s panties and then her own, and slides along the backside of her body. Then she flips her over and soaks her soft skin with oil. She massages her pectorals and spreads her legs. Slowly she lowers down to face her pussy. Using her lesbian mouth, she makes her orgasm, saying it’s the best form of relaxation. Brett climbs over Cadence and tribs her wet pussy. Cadence swivels around and licks Brett’s clit, then Brett rides Cadence’s tongue till she cums in her mouth. Brett fingers another orgasm from Cadence’s sweet cunt!
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X-Art - Kenna & Lola Blonde

Kenna & Lola Blonde – College Girl Perfection
Added: September 25, 2017

Do you remember your college years? Are you in college? Did you ever wonder what those sorority girls on their drunken girls nights did? And I don’t mean the softball team. I mean come on, who didn’t experiment. Even if you didn’t go to college and you’re a girl didn’t you want to try a foray into an orgasm or a soft touch from the same, softer sex? Kenna being the more experienced was able to lead little L•O•L•A on her informative journey. And let’s just say. They liked it a lot!…
So, if you’d like to find out the keys to lesbian loving and you are man or woman and want to talk your girlfriend into trying out the same, well it’s time to sign up now. Because rarely does Kenna show you just what to do on a new, timid girl. Who by the way, wasn’t so timid after this scene. Both supermodel pretty, you couldn’t ask for better instructors on what a woman wants. Believe me. Join and see. Love, Colette
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Web Young - Cassidy Klein, Melissa Moore & Lana Rhoades

Cassidy Klein, Melissa Moore & Lana Rhoades – Just Like My Sister
Added: September 25, 2017

Teen Cassidy Klein is in the middle of fucking her girlfriend Melissa Moore when her stepsister Lana Rhoades comes home and sees what they’re doing through the window. While Melissa’s in the bathroom, Lana tells Cassidy that she took pictures of their lewdness in action, and she plans to show their parents, unless she leaves and lets Lana fuck Melissa. Of course, Cassidy says no but Lana doesn’t relent. The sisters quickly come up with a plan…
Cassidy makes Melissa cover her eyes while she rubs her clit. Then Cassidy quietly leaves the bedroom and Lana comes out from under the bed. She takes Cassidy’s place playing with her pussy. Cassidy rubs her own pussy while she listens from the next room. Feeling excluded, Cassidy joins the lesbians on the bed. Melissa keeps her eyes closed and is none the wiser. Lana and Cassidy take turns licking Melissa’s pussy. When Cassidy gets territorial, Lana calls out in objection, and Melissa uncovers her eyes. Seeing two naked girls in bed with her, she demands to know what is going on. Cassidy explains the situation and Melissa agrees to Lana’s terms. She’s always wanted to fuck Cassidy’s hot sister. Once Cassidy swallows that bitter pill, they resume their threesome, only this time Cassidy and Lana play with each other too. Melissa lies down and spreads her legs for Lana while Cassidy eats her stepsister’s ass. Lana tribs Cassidy while Melissa sits on Cassidy’s face, then Cassidy watches Lana fuck her girlfriend’s tongue. Melissa and Lana eat Cassidy’s ass and pussy. The stepsisters devour Melissa’s sweet lips and clit. Cassidy cums in Lana’s mouth while Melissa sucks the pucker of Lana’s ass till she cums. Cassidy grinds against her girlfriend’s tongue while Lana tribs the cum from Melissa!
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Pissing In Action - Valentina Ross

Valentina Ross – Fully Clothed Pissing In Action
Added: September 24, 2017

No guy is needed for this Pissing In Action update and no one is going to complain about it, because this update has everything a hardcore lesbo pissing scene needs. With some peeing action and plenty of fully clothed sex, this is again an amazingly hot Pissing In Action episode and you can see clearly sexy Valentina Ross is the most nastiest of these two hot babes.
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Mommy's Girl - Mona Wales & Allie Eve Knox

Mona Wales & Allie Eve Knox – Obsession With My Step Moms Clothes
Added: September 24, 2017

Teen Allie Eve Knox wants her stepmom Mona Wales to take her shopping but the widowed MILF has to work to support the family. Feeling neglected, Allie Eve wanders into Mona’s bedroom and tries on a bunch of her clothes. Mona catches him and sits her on her bed for a talk. Mona explains that she’s doing this for her. She needs her to be more independent, less of a Mommy’s Girl. Mona wishes she could do the things she used to do for her, like pick out her school outfits and give her baths. Now that she’s older they can do other things…
She kisses her, but Allie Eve pulls away. Mona slowly convinces her to give it try, to make their relationship more like stepsisters. If she wants to share her clothes, she should also share her beautiful body. Uncertain about what to do, Allie Eve leans against Mona. The MILF takes off her dress, then takes off Allie Eve’s top. Shyly, the teen takes off her bottoms as her stepmom brushes her long blond hair with her fingers. Allie Eve sweetly suckles her stepmother’s gum drop nipples. Slowly, Mona kisses her stepdaughter all the way down to her pussy, the lips that never talk back. She makes circular motions with her tongue, and she puts her whole pussy in her mouth. Allie Eve likes whatever her stepmom does. She shows Mona how she plays with herself at the same time, and together they both make the teen cum. Mona sits on Allie Eve’s face and grinds her clit against her tongue. Mona rubs Allie Eve’s sopping wet slit and they both cum together. The MILF climbs between Allie Eve’s long legs and tribs her wet pussy, picking up speed till both lesbians orgasmically explode!
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Lesbian X - Natalia Starr & Abella Danger

Natalia Starr & Abella Danger – Her First Lesbian Anal
Added: September 23, 2017

In her pre-scene interview, Natalia Starr reveals she is both nervous and excited to experience her first lesbian anal encounter. Natalia loves anal sensations, and can’t wait to share them with another female who will understand her body like no other. Featuring passionate kissing, analingus, multiple anal positions, and shared orgasms, you won’t want to miss this Lesbian X first.
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Sex Art - Emylia Argan & Paula Shy

Emylia Argan & Paula Shy – Exploration
Added: September 22, 2017

Sexy brunette Emylia Argan lies on the bed dressed in butt-hugging black panties, enjoying a powerful “Exploration” of her own sexuality as she imagines busty beauty Paula Shy joining her. Both are naked, Paula’s perfect ass up in the air as she sucks Emylia’s lovely breasts. Emylia masturbates frantically, grinding on her hand as she pictures Paula on top of her in a hot sixty-nine, licking and fingering her skilfully. Emylia rocks her hips up to meet Paula’s mouth, shaved pussy opening up for her eager tongue…
In her vivid fantasy, Paula sits on her face, her gorgeous ass rocking as Emylia spreads her cheeks and licks her hungrily. Paula’s big tits jiggle hypnotically as Emylia eats her to a powerful climax. Now Emylia fucks herself avidly with a big glass dildo as she pictures Paula going down to lick her juicy pussy. She raises her hips to chase the intense sensations as Paula sucks on her clit, then finger-bangs her rapidly, making her writhe and moan. As Paula makes her orgasm in her fantasy, Emylia cums on the plunging dildo, her pretty face a picture of ecstasy.
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