Big Gulp Girls – Audrey Royal

Audrey Royal – Hot Blowjobs
Added: January 11, 2017

Talk about a special treat for BIG GULP GIRLS! I had the pleasure of spending some time with this young Arabian Princess Audrey Royal and I’ll tell you, I can’t wait to get another round with her. Despite her perfectly smooth body, awesome little peach of an ass and small perky tits, just looking into her eyes was almost enough to make me blow my load all over her. So naturally the first thing I did was put my dick in the hole between them so I could watch her worshiping my cock while telling me how much she enjoys it with her eyes alone. I could tell you all about how much of a young little whore she is, and how the first time she gave a blow job was to two brothers, but this alone has got me hooked for life…or at least until she turns 30 ; ) – Kevin Spears